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Knowing a home’s history before you buy is important.
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Information transparency in the home buying process is key to helping consumers make more informed decisions. HomeTrackr’s mission is to provide home buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals, with easy access to critical information about the history of a home.

Historical Data On All
8 Major Categories

HomeTrackr Home History Reports take the mystery out of buying an existing home. Exposing critical issues in a home’s history can save you time and money. Don't take someone's word for it—arm yourself with the most accurate data in the business.

Homes have many hidden aspects that need to be considered.

Fire Damage

Fire can seriously damage a home. If the home has history of fire, we will uncover it.


Water Damage

Find out if a property has been a victim of water damage or a flood.


Pest Damage

Termites do more damage nationwide than fires and floods combined.


Maintenance Alerts

Know what items to be on the look out for before you buy.


Home Value

HomeTrackr gives you home values from the leading industry sources in one place.


Permit Records

Permits can reveal if past owners did their projects above board or under the table!



If permits were pulled, were all the inspections complete?



We tell you who has previously worked on a home, their contact information and consumer ratings if available.

Why We Created HomeTrackr

HomeTrackr believes that providing accurate, timely, property specific critical data can make an enormous improvement in the way homes are purchased. There is a ton of great information out there for buyers and sellers, but it’s scattered all over with most of it driven by advertising dollars through listing sites. No one has truly stepped up and become the “Voice of the Home Buyer.” With buyers doing more and more research online before they buy, HomeTrackr feels it is time to be that voice!

Purchasing a new home is a decision that affects the entire family.