About Amy Cunningham

AMY CUNNINGHAM is a New York state licensed funeral director with a passion XtxGFeBaBIoQTVOFZI-H0RMInO1-E-nxEGYkl10HpE_mi2Wd4kmTRBy7xJVV44BnnaD4tpYjAliay4XPWQwlwjqQHgSqTZv-LSiLv8oCQOH5tIRyk3GK69x_I55M6PPib5acd4m4FVe4wLZcFvO1lL6idW66dz3-XghmqnSE2zkw6LRilxwKVR0Cu3gU7DEbB5z8egz00UxfT88k2Zb-SCdaeahCTzfor helping families arrange dignified, distinctive funeral and memorial services. In January 2015, she was listed as one of the “Nine Most Innovative Funeral Professionals” in the country by FuneralOne, a leading voice for change in the funeral industry. Amy was trained as a funeral celebrant by Glenda Stansbury and Doug Manning, completed all three levels of home vigil training with Jerrigrace Lyons, was exposed to Jewish Tahara ritual through a four-day workshop with Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips, and completed an end-of-life doula training with social worker Henry Fersko-Weiss. In her prior life, Amy majored in English Literature at the University of Virginia, and was a magazine writer and blogger with essays and articles published in More, Glamour, Redbook, McCall’s, and Washington Post magazine. For two years, she wrote a blog on healthy living, holistic spirituality, yoga and meditation for the award-winning website Beliefnet.com. She resumes her blogging at “The Inspired Funeral” where she will record insights and ideas for anyone apt to arrange a funeral one day (and that’s all of us, correct?). She lectures on funeral planning and the greening of the funeral business at the Park Slope Food Coop every six weeks. Married to journalist Steven Waldman for twenty-four years, she has one son at the University of Wisconsin and another at Emory.

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