Second Site

Current version: 5.3 Build 3

For recent changes, see Newsletter #66. See Newsletter #54 for information about the last major release, Second Site 5.

How to Buy
Second Site

Second Site is available exclusively from the Family History Hosting web store.

The full version for new customers is $34.95 USD.

The upgrade for Second Site 4 customers is $14.95 USD.

CDs and DVDs

If you have a CD or DVD burner, you can create a CDs or DVDs to share with the members of your family. If they have a computer, the disk is all they need to review the family history you have compiled. See Publishing Your Site on CD or DVD for instructions.

Second Site is the best way to publish your TMG data in HTML format. It has more features and provides more control than any GEDCOM-based method. If you are serious about publishing your TMG data on the Web, or if you are sharing your data with family members on custom CDs, you need Second Site!

Second Site is also a great tool to review your dataset. It is fast, and the HTML format makes the data easy to browse. Many users have reported that it has helped them to find inconsistencies in their data and other problems.

Are you afraid that you don't have what it takes to get a site published? Combine Second Site with Family History Hosting (FHH), a web hosting service designed for genealogists. Second Site includes a special one-step publish feature for use by FHH customers. As part of the FHH service, I'll help you register a domain, fine-tune your site, and publish the first version of your site. Second Site and FHH can help you get from offline to online!

What It Does

Second Site creates web pages from a genealogy database. It generates either narrative or grid style person pages, a master index, a surname index, and source pages. Check out the partial list of features.

Example Sites

The best way to learn what Second Site can do is to review the sites published by Second Site users. You can also review the official demonstration site or the Theme and Format Examples page to see some of the variations possible with Second Site.

What You Need

Second Site requires a database created and maintained with TMG, The Master GenealogistTM from Wholly Genes Software.

Quick! How Do I Make A Site?

Follow the 6 Steps to Second Site. Then, flush with success, read Using Second Site!

Second Site supports hundreds of options. First-time users can safely ignore almost all of them. After you get comfortable with the program, browse around the user interface, and experiment. International users should read the International Sites page.

Other Resources

See the Other Resources page for a list of resources that Second Site users may find useful. The Glossary defines some Second Site and TMG terms. See the Change Log for a list of recent changes. All the editions of Second Site News are available via the Newsletters page. Second Site has excellent support for a wide range of browsers. See the Browser Compatability page for details. See my home page for other TMG companion programs.

Got a question? See the Table of Contents or the FAQ.

The Obligatory Fine Print

The use of this program is subject to an End-User License Agreement. You must read and understand the agreement before you use the program.

Second Site 5 has been tested on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 with TMG version 8.x and 9.x. Second Site 5 also reads older TMG versions, but those versions are obsolete and have not been tested thoroughly.

The Known Limitations page has a list of limitations and help for common installation problems.

This program was not written by Wholly Genes, Inc., the authors and publishers of TMG. The author of this program is not affiliated with Wholly Genes in any way. Wholly Genes publishes the TMG database format on their web site, and this program would not have been possible without it. Thank you Bob Velke. See the Credits page for more acknowledgements.

Send an e-mail to John Cardinal for more information. Please note that I do not respond to challenges from "spam-blocker" e-mail tools. If you send me an e-mail, please make sure my address is enabled. Otherwise, you will not get my reply.