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Mini Gold Futures

Underlying Asset Fine gold bar(99.99% pure)
Contract Size 100g
Listed contracts The first two consecutive months, and any February, April, June, August, October, December falling within a 11 month period
Tick size KRW10/g
Last trading day The third Wednesday of the contract months(T)
First trading day The second business day counting from the last trading day(T+1)
Final settlement day The third business day counting from the last trading day(T+2)
Trading hours 09:00~15:15
Quotation receiving hours 08:00~15:15
Price Quotation Korea Won per gram
Price limit Base price ± (Base price×9%)
Calendar spread - Spread contracts
1) Nearest month+2nd nearest month
2) Nearest month+3rd nearest month
3) Nearest month+4th nearest month
4) Nearest month+5th nearest month
5) Nearest month+6th nearest month
6) Nearest month+Farthest month
- Limit order only
- Trading hours : 09:00 ~ 15:05
Margin requirement - Member&Maintenance; margin rate : 5%
- Customer margin rate : 7.5%
Position Limit 3,000 contracts
Order Limit 1,000 contracts
Final settlement price* London Gold Fixing price
×1/31.1035(troy ounces to grams conversion)
×KRX/USD exchange rate (on the last trading day)
Settment type Cash settlement
Listing date September 13. 2010
Rules&Regulations; related Chapter V. Commodity Futures, Part II Listed Products of the Derivatives Market Business Regulation and Chapter IV. Commodity Futures, Part II Listed Products of the Enforcement rules of the Derivatives Market Business Regulation
  • For the detail information, refer to 「 The rule §60. Final Settlement」 of the Derivatives Market Business Regulation.
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