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Health Care or Sick Care? What is Health Care?

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There is no such thing as “health care” in our mainstream medical system. Treating symptoms and conditions with pharmaceuticals is simply “sick care“. The backbone of good health is proper nutrition. Unfortunately most don’t know what that means and sadly it has been convoluted through too many special interests groups. These groups will advocate for exotic foods often difficult to obtain, demonize certain wholesome foods, or promote “natural” herbs and supplements. Although these things can make a difference, there is no substitute for continuous proper nutrition from whole foods.

Scientists have repeatedly continued their research from the same poor correlations and wrongful conclusions for so long already, that it’s simply laughable. The basis for scientific truth from which the knowledge should be built upon has been known for 80 years at least, but has shamefully been dismissed and even ridiculed.

So how can anyone trust the advice of their MD? Medical doctors to this day still don’t get any core training in nutrition. “Health care” is prevention and that has to come from your desire to follow a path that promotes good health. Prevention or “health care” requires mustering up the discipline to make necessary changes and preferably early enough to prevent irreversible damage. Don’t expect miracles once you are sick, some habits may have taken you to the point of no return.  Practising good habits early on will more easily lead to permanent success.

All the answers are out there and with the use of the internet it’s easier than ever. However be sure the information you are seeking is just that, information – to be used for reference and self-education. Be on guard not to fall for some slick “talking heads”. They will only petition your wallet by pulling at your emotions and then cleverly lure you in by fear mongering, while praying on your weakness.

Be critical and don’t let desperation guide you. Check for credentials and possible independent reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be smart, ask yourself: is it possible to make an accurate and proper health assessment over the phone or internet? The answer is no, in fact with all health professions anything but a personal assessment constitutes professional misconduct.

Have realistic expectations, to take a pill for what ails you has become the social norm, but is just unrealistic – pharmaceuticals don’t cure anything. Due to side effect many patients eventually want to get off the drugs they are taking. However the natural alternative for Metformin (drug prescribed for diabetics) isn’t Cinnamon, Nori, Gymnema or any of the others on the vast list of herbs and spices that help lower blood sugar. The correct answer is a modification of poor dietary habits that cause blood sugar spikes ….. and that is PREVENTION, i.e. “HEALTH CARE”.

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