Billy Corgan Praises Kurt Cobain & Dave Grohl

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan praised Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl on Twitter recently. Corgan said, “Kurt opened the door for everyone, including SP.”

He also defended Dave Grohl when a fan ripped the Foo Fighters frontman. The fan said he ‘f**king hates’ Grohl when discussing an article on the top drummers of all time, and that ‘people lose credibility when they mention him.’

Corgan responded, “That I don’t agree with. Dave is an incredible musician.” In the past Corgan has made critical statements regarding Foo Fighters, but he has been far more positive recently, praising the band’s lasting power along with other 90’s acts like the Dave Matthews Band, and now calling Dave Grohl an incredible musician.

  • fuck them

    Billy should play with Dave and Krist

    • Corndog

      7 words in one post, it’s a fucking record:)

      • fuck them

        oh thanks

  • Kytana Martell

    If we are talking drummers dave is amazing, anything else he’s just ok.


    his medications apparently are working well….

  • Corndog

    Wasn’t there an article here not that long ago about Corgan talking about the Foo Fighters, think it was on Howard Stern or something like that, where he basically said that they were stagnant and lacked originality and they just kept putting out the same thing over and over again.
    I thought he was supposed to have a real problem with bands that he perceived to be doing that, but now he’s rubbing Grohl’s rhubarbs every chance he gets?
    If he is going to constantly, and incessantly talk shite about other bands (Pearl Jam ‘don’t have the songs’ my ass!!) then the least he can do is try to keep track of it and maintain a level of consistency. Otherwise, he just comes across as the jealous, bitter old weirdo we all know he is.
    For the record, i actually like the Pumpkins. Billy is just a cock nibbler.

    • Ben

      “…he just comes across as the jealous, bitter old weirdo we all know he is.”

      Spot on!

  • Hendrix

    It’s cool of him to credit Kurt whereas other musicians have insinuated Kurt mimicked their sound, which is a jealous load given Kurt was the most recognizable figure of the genre as the era was unfolding. I skip over most foo fighters songs, but always listen to the pumpkins and nirvana, but Dave does have mad skills.

  • Raj

    Kurt Cobain created timeless music, Nirvana changed the musical landscape in one fell swoop. Cobain deserves the praise because he was a great songwriter and a generational talent. Make up your mind Billy, one day you criticize everyone then you praise them the next.

  • – J –

    BillCo seems intent on kissing every 90s ass that isn’t Pearl Jam. haha

    Has anyone noticed that?

    • Corndog

      Your uncle Eddie is loosing no sleep over it.

  • Thelonious Funk

    He’s obviously hoping to kiss enough Grohl ass to land a tour with him