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This website presents family trees of some of the people who lived in the part of Western Kentucky and Tennessee known as Between the Rivers (BTR). BTR contained a society that existed from the late 1700's until the 1960's when the US Government decided to force all of the families out of the area and make BTR into a park, the "Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area". Today, this once thriving region is unpopulated and the homes, churches, and businesses of the BTR people have almost all been destroyed. But many of the families who once lived in BTR and their descendants still cling to BTR as their homeland and do what they can to keep the memories of BTR alive. I hope that this website will be some help in their efforts to remain connected to each other and to improve awareness of the BTR legacy. (A short history of BTR and links to more detailed information can be found by clicking here.)

This is an on-going project and there is much information remaining to be added. I hope that visitors to this site will participate by letting me know about any errors they find and adding stories that help flesh out the picture. I look forward to hearing from anyone with an interest in BTR families (email:

I owe thanks to many who have already helped with this project. I am grateful for the help of Professor David Nickell, a BTR native whose thoughtful and moving writing about BTR spurred the project. His advice has been invaluable in finding locations, developing timelines, and working out family relationships. Thanks also to Carolyn Bonds and Denisa Haninia who contributed much information about BTR families and to Arlene Royer of the National Archives who dug relentlessly to find important records that were thought to have been lost. Most of all, I am grateful to my wife, Dr. Lisa Copeland Cox, scientist, artist, and wordsmith extraordinaire. Without her continuing love and support, I wouldn't be here.

Glenn Cox

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  • Privacy Notice: Except where permission has been given, this site only lists people who are deceased or who, if living, would be more than 100 years old. If you find information here that should be removed for privacy reasons, please notify me.