OWHIC Summit 2014: Healthcare Disrupted
The Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center Summit 2014 (in collaboration with MediFuture) was held September 16-18, 2014, in Tampa. More than 500 senior leaders in health convened at the sold-out event to learn, share, network, and make connections that will serve as the foundation for accelerated industry transformation. Attendees heard from ground-breaking leaders, experienced innovation from the consumer lens, and contributed to the dialogue on building Health Market 2.0.
Executive Summary


  • Highlights of OWHIC Summit 2014

    See how attendees and speakers changed the conversation in healthcare. Experience Health Market 2.0.

    The Patient-to-Consumer Revolution

    Venture capitalists poured $2 billion into health tech in just the first six months of 2014. A passing fad? No, according to a new report by Oliver Wyman: This ongoing investment is the single biggest enabler of a new health and wellness market, creating a clear path to its security and sustainability.

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    Blog Transforming Healthcare


  • Program Guide

    OWHIC Summit 2014 featured experts on their views of how today’s actions are already impacting the healthcare market, as well as immersive tours and exhibits showcasing creative new approaches to care delivery and patient engagement.

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    Executive Conversations: HICCup Founder Esther Dyson

    Learn more about the national wellness initiatives being launched by tech pioneer, journalist, and venture capitalist Esther Dyson in this wide-ranging conversation with Oliver Wyman's Health & Life Sciences Managing Partner Terry Stone.

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    The Volume to Value Revolution

    This inaugural report of the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center explores the future of healthcare between now and 2025.

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The OWHIC Summit 2014 Experience

  • Health Market 2.0

    This September in Tampa, Florida, the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center (OWHIC) will host a Summit in collaboration with MediFuture and the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation (EDC). Facing an ever-changing landscape, senior leaders in health will convene at this invitation-only event to learn, share, network, and make connections that will serve as the foundation for acc...

  • Executive Conversations

    Learn more about some of the creative approaches to care delivery and patient engagement transforming today's healthcare market through the following in-depth interviews with leading executives:

  • Cross-Industry Collaboration

    The OWHIC Summit 2014 strives to motivate cross-industry collaboration to accelerate market adoption and achieve impact at scale. The leaders invited to attend are executives and key influencers from across industries, committed to the creation of entirely new business models that will transform the health market. Throughout the event, attendees will have the opportunity to meet and interact...

  • Immersion Tours

    Explore how four of Tampa’s most innovative organizations are transforming the health market through on-site, interactive tours of the Laser Spine Institute's ambulatory surgery center, a Florida Blue retail center, Moffitt Cancer Center's personalized medicine subsidiary, and the University of South Florida Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation.



  • Small Group Sessions

    Through participation in a subset of the small group sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to learn, share, connect, and engage in dialogue with leaders across the industry. Each of the sessions will be limited in attendance, encouraging robust discourse on what it takes to achieve transformation and progress toward Health Market 2.0. 

  • The Way to Wellville

    Tech pioneer, journalist, and venture capitalist Esther Dyson is no stranger to innovation. Now she’s turned her formidable talents to health, or to what she calls "the production of health." She'll share more about her new non-profit HICCup and its national Way to Wellville challenge at OWHIC Summit 2014, where she'll be joined by challenge finalists to pursue potential opportunit...