We believe you have to be at least as aggressive and entrepreneurial as your digital adversaries in order to defeat them. Chasing the known threats is easy. It’s the unknown that’s hard. That means we can’t just react – we have to pre-empt. We have to smash the attack chain before it gets built.


We believe in taking the hits so our customers don’t have to. That’s why we wander the worst neighborhoods of the Internet, looking for trouble, just asking to be attacked. That’s why we’ve built the biggest dedicated threat detection network in the world, and populated it with millions of honeypots, agents, sensors and crawlers.


Norse is dedicated to delivering live, accurate and unique attack intelligence that helps our customers block attacks, uncover hidden breaches and track threats emerging around the globe. Norse offerings leverage a continuously updated torrent of telemetry from the world’s largest network of dedicated threat intelligence sensors. Norse is focused on dramatically improving the performance, catch-rate and return-on-investment for enterprise security infrastructures.

Meet our Team

Sam Glines, Co-Founder and CEO

Sam Glines

Co-Founder and CEO

Tommy Stiansen , Co-Founder and CTO

Tommy Stiansen

Co-Founder and CTO

Brian Contos , Chief Security Strategist

Brian Contos

Chief Security Strategist

Brian Peterson, Senior Vice President, Finance

Brian Peterson

Senior Vice President, Finance

David Weier, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales

David Weier

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Gretchen Hellman, Senior Vice President of Products

Gretchen Hellman

Senior Vice President of Products

David Somerville, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances

David Somerville

Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances

Board of Directors

Bandel L. Carano
Managing Partner, Oak Investment Partners

Robert F. Lentz
President, Cyber Security Strategies
Former CISO, U.S. Department of Defense

Howard A. Bain III
Director, Resilient Networks
Director, Learning Tree
Former CFO, Symantec

Mark Williams
Chief Security Officer, Microsoft Federal Systems

Jason Clark
Chief Security Officer, Accuvant

Henry Marx
President, Big Deal Records

Samuel M. Glines
CEO, Norse

Tommy Stiansen
CTO, Norse

Our Investors

Oak Investment Partners

Oak Investment Partners is a multi-stage venture capital firm with a total of $8.4 billion in committed capital. The primary investment focus is on high growth opportunities in communications, information technology, Internet, new media, financial services, healthcare services and consumer retail. Over their 28-year history, Oak has achieved a strong track record as a stage-independent investor funding more than 450 companies at key points in their lifecycle. Oak has been involved in the formation of companies, funded spinouts of operating divisions and technology assets, and provided growth equity to mid- and late-stage private businesses and to public companies through PIPE investments.


Norse Headquarters

Norse HQ

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