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America Star Books was founded by book publishers with a long history of publishing experience. Between them, over the past fifteen years they have published more than 50,000 titles, often written by authors that no other commercial publisher wanted to touch.

America Star Books realizes what other publishers have yet to discover. This is a century of massive migration, not just of people but also of people's hopes, cultures, and their books.

Maryland-based America Star Books is the first publisher to open the borders for authors worldwide. Not only do we continue to publish, for free, tens of thousands of American and Canadian authors, but to that we add a unique mission.

It is our mission to translate into English books that Americans have never heard of, from languages that most Americans don't speak. America Star Books gives foreign authors an English voice, and publishes their work in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. This gives writers worldwide, finally, an opportunity to reach out to an audience of more than 400 million English speaking readers and, in the process, to see a dream come true.

If history is a chronicle of conflicts that too often have been the result of nations not understanding each other by not speaking the same language, America Star Books seeks to serve peace. And we put our money where our mouth is:

We translate and publish foreign authors for free.

America Star Books used to be known as PublishAmerica, the no-nonsense, hard driving pioneer that changed the American publishing landscape for good when in 1999 it forced an opening for tens of thousands of American authors to join what was until then an elite status of being published for free.

Our authors are not stupid.

They know that having their book published doesn't guarantee any book sales in and by itself. More than a million new books are released every year, and that's just in the U.S. Today's authors are keenly aware that a book's success depends almost entirely on the author. They must be their own book's number one cheerleader. The publisher does the publishing: producing the book and making it publicly available. But for it to stand out and draw attention after the book has been released, the author also needs to invest: time, effort, creative thinking, or spend money on outsourcing any of these.

Free and traditional publishing means: your book produced professionally and beautifully, with first-rate art design, and free illustrations if you wrote a children's book, made available to all bookstores including Amazon and Barnes and Noble and all major British chains, listed with the world's best wholesaler/distributor Ingram, digitally printed and therefore available worldwide, and announced to local and/or targeted national media.

America Star Books is headquartered in Frederick, Maryland at the crossroads of I-70 and I-270, just outside the Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan area.