Jean-Nicod 2000 Lectures and Prize

The Jean-Nicod cognitive philosophy lectures are given each year by a renowned researcher to whom CNRS awards the Jean-Nicod Prize. This year, the Jean-Nicod lecturer will be John Searle, Professor at the University of California at Berkeley.

The Jean-Nicod Cognitive Philosophy Lectures
The human mind and its organization, nature, and relationship with the body and the world have always been among the central themes of philosophy. Contemporary psychology was itself born of philosophy. It has grown separate from philosophy, but the emergence of cognitive sciences in a way bears witness to the return of philosophy into this field of research. By shedding new light on mental phenomena, the developments in computer science and neurosciences have rekindled the philosophical debate. "Philosophy of the mind" is thus flourishing now more than ever. This return is in no way a regression, because the philosophy in question is in phase with scientific research, informed thereby, and in constant interaction therewith.

The Jean-Nicod lectures aim to promote philosophical research relating to cognition, and to allow research conducted in other countries to be known in France.
The lecturer, selected each year by the Jean-Nicod Committee, presents his or her research during a series of lectures that the lecturer then puts together in a book.

John Searle
Professor of Philosophy at University of California (Berkeley), John Searle is known internationally for his work on the theory of speech acts and for his views on consciousness, the brain, and the limits of artificial intelligence. His theory of intentionality fuels debates on philosophy of the mind. In his recent work, he has been exploring the nature of social and cultural realities.

Main publications (in French):
- Les actes de langage: essai de philosophie du langage (Editions Hermann)
- Sens et expression: études de théorie des actes de langage (Editions de Minuit)
- L'intentionnalité: essai de philosophie des états mentaux (Editions de Minuit)
- Du cerveau au savoir (Editions Hermann)
- Déconstruction: le langage dans tous ses états (Editions de l'éclat)
- Pour réitérer les différences: réponse à Derrida (Editions de l'éclat)
- La redécouverte de l'esprit (Editions Gallimard)
- La construction de la réalité sociale (Editions Gallimard)
- Les mystères de la conscience (Editions Odile Jacob)

A bibliography, articles, and retranscriptions of interviews may be consulted on John Searle's personal web page:

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