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                       INTERVIEW WITH NEO-NAZI 'AUSDERAU'

                             by  Psychedelic Warlord

                      >>> A CULT Publication......1988 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

        The following material is a taped conversation with a Neo-Nazi we
encountered preaching in a park downtown.  The interview was conducted
by Apache Dreamsac (Apache Dreamsac is Arlo Klahr and myself).  The interview
begins a little broken because of some taping difficulties.  The interviewers
will be called "AD" and Mr. Auderau will be called "NN".

AD: What did you say about Oral Roberts?

NN: We're with him.  We're with him.  My wife and I, we're full time
    ministers down there.  We believe in uh... well, we're racists.  We
    believe that Hispanics and whites are God's superior race.

AD: What religion are you?

NN: Well, ok.  We're Neo-Nazis.  We're from Idaho.  We believe in the
    superior doctrine of the Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic race.

AD: You're against Negroes?

NN: No, we're not against those.  We just believe that they're here for a
    reason.  Everybody's here for a reason.

AD: What's the reason for the Negroes?

NN: I believe that God can save them.

AD: You mean turn their skin a different color?

NN: God created everything different.  God created you different; you're
    white!  You're Anglo and (then pointing to Arlo) he's Hispanic.

AD (Arlo): I'm from Canada.

NN: What part of Canada?

AD: I was born in Toronto.  I lived in Nova Scotia.

NN: REALLY?!?! You know where Niagara Falls is at?

AD: Yeah...  That's a nice place.

NN: But anyhow we're not against that (blacks).  See that's what the whole
    media has messed around.  They said that the Nazis are racist, and that
    they are hate mongers.  We're not.  We're not!  We love the world.  We
    believe in the...  You've heard of World Wide Church of God?

AD: Yeah

NN: There ya go.

AD: Do you follow Hitler?

NN: No.  No!  We follow Christ!  Hitler was a man that was used during that
    particular time.  My grandparents were under his regime.  He had some
    good ideas, but he was not perfect.

AD: Do you think it was wrong that he (Hitler) committed genocide and killed
    six-million Jews?

NN: He didn't.  Now (speaking to Arlo) you're from Canada, it's against your
    country to publicize anything that stands towards genocide.  You've prob-
    ably read that book up there called "Six Million Jews"?

AD: No.

NN: Well, ok.  You're not old enough to read it.  Ok.  Hitler did not kill
    six-million Jews.  There were millions that were killed but they were not
    all Jews.  We do not believe that Hitler was even the cause of that.  We
    believe that what it was... it was a conspiracy.  You see, within his
    regime... and the first person it fell on was Hitler because he was diff-
    erent.  I believe that Hitler was a good man.

AD: Really?

NN: I believe he had a lot of things that were imperfect....  Well, are you

AD: No sir.

NN: Can you tell me why you believe this?  Did God tell you this?  The Lord
    gave me a clear conscience over the whole thing.  Have you ever heard of
    Oral Roberts... no... Jimmy Swaggart... no not Jimmy Swaggart... he's
    outta Ohio... but this is what he said, "Who are we to tell who will be
    in Heaven."  He said, "people we don't even imagine being there."  Lemme
    ask you a question, what is the possibility of somebody confessing and
    making himself right (he snaps) for God 'fore he dies?

AD: Uhhh..

NN: Great possibility.  I believe if he enters in to God's kingdom, then
    everything was clear at the end.  Lemme give you an example, you want a
    good Bible example?

AD: Yeah.

NN: You remember Saul?

AD: Yeah, I think I remember him.

NN: Ohhhhhh K....  What did God tell him to do?  To kill off all the what?

AD: Uhhh..

NN: Amerlites.(??)  Remember that?  And what did he do?  He failed to what?
    To do it!

AD: So God uhh... He became like a disciple or something, right?

NN: No, no, no... That was Sa... no, Paul.  Ok.  Saul the King.  Remember,
    God told Saul to kill off all the Amerkites.  And he didn't?!  And what

AD: I uh....

NN: God stripped him of his power!  You remember that?  Ok, there ya go!
    If God told Saul to do that, then what prevents God from telling Hitler
    to do that?

AD: I understand (in disbelief)...

NN: You get that?  You gotta be careful!  You got some meetings coming to
    your school.

AD: Yeah?

NN: We're fighting a Supreme Court battle right now here in Texas.  We're
    gonna be holding some meetings.  In fact, we're members of The Klan.

AD: (pointing to Arlo) He's Jewish.  Do you think he can be saved?

NN: Oh yeah!  I'm Jewish!

AD: You are?

NN: Oh yeah!  Sure am!  Ok, you heard the name "Schwartz"?  What nationality
    is that?

AD: Jewish.

NN: That's right!  Ok, that's not my name, that's my mother's name.

AD: Ok.  What's your name?

NN: A-U-S-D-E-R-A-U.  That's German now.  I'm Jewish! I believe in keeping
    Saturday holy....  Oh! oh oh oh oh... I believe in keeping the peace in
    God (some more Oh! oh oh oh oh)....  Huh?  Feast of Passover... I have a
    lot of good Jewish friends too.  Jews are blind, spiritually now....

AD: Why do you say that?

NN: It's good, too.  The reason why is 'cause they cannot accept Jesus as the
    messiah, they believe that the messiah will come back.  HE WILL COME
    BACK!  AGAIN!  This time the shades will come off your eyes.  And you'll
    say, "Hey man!  Where've you been all this time?"  He will come back to
    receive his people... Jews... the House of Judah.

AD: I think Hitler did order the...

NN: No he didn't.  No he didn't!  Ok... you want an address- (he then
    proceeded to give us the address for his church.  The address is located
    at the bottom of the file).  A lot of Jews come to our congregation.  We
    keep the feasts and everything.

AD: Do you think Hitler was some kind of puppet?

NN: I think Hitler was a good leader, and I think a lot of people misunder-
    stood him.  Like a lot of people misunderstood the Jews.  I know a lot
    of Nazis that don't like Jews, because they're misunderstood.  I believe
    that Germans and Jews are the most misunderstood people in the world
    today.  Jews misunderstand the TRUE Nazism, which Hitler was of the TRUE
    Aryan people.(??)  In fact, if you go back in history you'll find out
    that Hitler was Jewish.  Oh YEAH!  He sure was.  Your Rabbi doesn't teach
    you that does he?

AD (Arlo): I'm like a non-practicing Jew....  I had my Bar-mitzvah but...

NN: Yeah, yeah... But you need to check out the New Testament.  Need to check
    out history because Hitler WAS Jewish.  He was Jewish by race and
    Catholic by religion.(?)

AD: You don't think Hitler was mentally insane?  You know all the stories...

NN: Uhhh... Stories... Ok, I could walk around and tell people that you're
    criminally insane, but that don't make it so.

AD: Ok.  Thanks.  Bye.


        This man was a great speaker, rivaling even the popular T.V.
evangelists in his manner.  Of course, most people of this sort are often
dismissed as crazy, or just unbelievable.  But we weren't really interested
in his stories of Hitler or his nationality, we were trying to see what made
him think the horrible things that he did.  If you'd like to get the full
interview (on tape) please send $3.00 to cover costs to:

Apache Dreamsac
714 E.  University
El Paso, TX  79902

        We do not support Neo-Nazism in any way; however, we also do not
believe in censorship.  Therefore, for the Aryan bible and more information
on the Church of Jesus Christ, write to:

Aryan Nation
Church of Jesus Christ
Box 5308
El Paso, TX  79953

Feel free to write a friendly message, or send them a 'special' package.
Surely they'd appreciate some 'fan' mail....

(c) 1988 Apache Dreamsac

 (c)1988  cDc communications  by Psychedelic Warlord                  7/2/88-59