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Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends, Fall 2006

How the Vigils Started

Sol Metz and Henry Herskovitz first traveled to Palestine in 2002. Shocked at the treatment decent Palestinians were receiving at the hands of Zionist army, and impressed with the decency, courage and humanity of the Palestinian people, both men returned to Ann Arbor desirous of telling their stories. Henry had meetings with Rabbi Rob Dobrusin of Beth Israel Congregation, Rabbi Bob Levy of Temple Beth Emeth, and Rabbi Aharon Goldstein of Chabad House. All three Rabbis denied Henry access to their congregation at a time of their choosing. Frustrated, Henry gathered Jewish and non-Jewish activists in the Fall of 2003, and decided to take our message to the congregants. Beth Israel was selected (a) because their name literally means ďHouse of IsraelĒ, and (b) this was Henryís synagogue of choice for 15 years attending Yom Kippur services. We continue to seek dialogue with the Jewish community of Ann Arbor.

Why We Vigil

Members of Jewish Witnesses and Friends for Peace take this opportunity to respond to the letter of December 15th, 2004, signed by 34 leaders of the local Jewish and Christian clergy, condemning our weekly non-violent vigils at Beth Israel Synagogue. We also respond to the Ann Arbor City Council resolution and the Ann Arbor News Editorial.

We hold vigils outside this synagogue because Beth Israel is a political institution as well as house of worship, using its faith to promote a nationalist political agenda: support of the State of Israel, and by extension, its actions: specifically, Israels brutal and illegal military occupation of Palestinian lands and the suffering of the Palestinian people.

We want to make it very clear that our condemning Israels use of state power is in no way attacking the Jewish people. The Israeli government is a government like any other and must be held accountable to international human rights standards.

Beth Israel Congregation Rabbi Robert Dobrusin, in his 2003 Yom Kippur sermon stated, insuring the survival of the Jewish State is among (our) greatest responsibilities. Referring to the Jewish foundational myths, he said that the two most vital places of myth (are) the State of Israel and the synagogue.

Ismar Schorsch writes in The Sacred Cluster: Core Values of Conservative Judaism, that the centrality of modern Israel is at the head of its core values. Conservative Jews...visit Israel and support financially every one of its worthy institutions. Israeli accomplishments on the battlefield and in the laboratory, in literature and politics, fill them with pride.

We believe Beth Israel cannot endorse this political agenda and also enjoy the rights of a religious group by claiming to be just practicing their faith. We call upon people to be faithful to the highest values of their religious traditions. This kind of nationalism is a betrayal of these values.

In 2004, The Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly voted to investigate selected divestment in multinational Corporations operating in Israel. We commend this action.

Over the years, many of us have joined together with friends of the Jewish faith to publicly denounce the US governments support of repressive governments in South Africa and Latin America, and against the US wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Jewish Witnesses and Friends for Peace confronts both our Jewish and Christian friends to ask a difficult question of people, many of whose values we share:

Why arenít you demanding an immediate end to Israelís terrorist policies towards the Palestinian people, a people who are accorded no right to the land they have lived on and cultivated for centuries?

We know that Israel does not speak or act in the name of all Jews. But we also know that Israel will not change unless pressure is brought to bear by American Jews to end US aid to Israel amounting to 14 million dollars a day. In addition, Jewish charities send $1 billion to Israel annually. The ability of Americans to make what amounts to tax-deducible contributions to a foreign government does not exist with any other country.

The Israeli military is the 4th largest in the world with tanks, jet fighters, helicopter gun ships, missiles, and nuclear weapons in its arsenal. The Palestinian Authority has no army, only a paramilitary police force equipped with small arms. Palestinian irregulars have rocks, small arms and improvised explosives.

Israel's laws and restrictions control every aspect of Palestinian life. US economic aid funds Israel's goal of permanent control of the Occupied Territories: the roadblocks and checkpoints, the thousands of homes and farmlands destroyed, over 200 settlements built on Palestinian land, and the "Separation Barrier." All of this is done with the knowledge and full financial support of the United States and minimal disapproval from the European and Arab countries.

We vigil to remind those who silently oppose the Occupation that their silence only perpetuates the violence. The noted Jewish scholar Marc Ellis, calls this silence the ecumenical deal in which the main energy of ecumenical gatherings of Jews and Christians is spent on diverting the question that hovers over all discussions of Jews and Christians: the oppression of the Palestinian people by Jewish Israelis. In his 1991 article, Beyond the Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Solidarity With the Palestinian People, he explains that because of their complicity in the Holocaust, Christians are reluctant to criticize Jews, and any Jews or Christians who do confront Israeli policy are shut out of the debate or called anti-Semitic.

Marc Ellis offers five statements that could form a more progressive Jewish position:

1. What Jews have done to the Palestinians since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 is wrong.

2. In the process of conquering and displacing the Palestinian people, Jews have done what has been done to us over two millennia.

3. In this process, Jews have become almost everything we loathe about our oppressors.

4. It is only in confronting state power in Israel that Jews can move beyond victim or oppressor.

5. The movement beyond victimization and oppression can only come through solidarity with those whom we Jews have displaced: the Palestinian people.

We believe it is illegal and immoral to displace millions of people, depriving them of their homes, their self-determination, their culture and dignity all for the benefit of a single ethnic group.

Therefore, Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends vigil in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Synagogue Vigil Project

Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends have organized weekly vigils on Saturday morning at Beth Israel Congregation, a Conservative synagogue in Ann Arbor, since September, 2003. From mid-April 2004 through January 30, 2005, JWPF also held vigils at Hiller's Market, in a shopping plaza fronting on busy Washtenaw Avenue in Ann Arbor, every Sunday afternoon, until it declared victory and withdrew, as described in Highlights. This is one long page, organized in sections, each with several links, as follows.

Media Reports
Weekly Vigil Reports (Since January 2010 all vigil reports have been posted on The Deir Yassin Remembered Blog; click on the "Beth Israel" tag)
Creative Writing
Related Articles
Palestinian Products (Olive Oil, etc.)
Insomnia Cure


James Militzer's more than 5000-word, May 2006, article about JWPF in the Ann Arbor Observer.
Sacred Ground: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Ann Arbor

Mustafa Barghouti's superb talk is for the Ann Arbor News an occasion for Zionist propaganda.
Palestinian: Walls block peace (March 1)
Letter not to appear
Letter which did appear (pro)

JWP&F resolution condemns city council
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends unanimously passed a resolution condemning Ann Arbor City Council, in response to Council's resolution condemning the vigils, and affirmed that the vigils will continue. The resolution was read to council at the meeting on February 7, and covered by the Ann Arbor News. The News did a longer story the next day on Beth Israel's protest against the vigils. See the February 5 report below.

Ken Phifer
Rev. Ken Phifer of the Unitarian Univeralist Church has been leading the charge of local clergy against the vigils. He met recently with 2 JWP&F activists and said that he didn't want the Israel/Palestine issue to "split the church" as happened over the Vietnam War; see the January 22 report below.

Hiller's victory
From mid-April 2004 until January 30, 2005, JWP&F held a protest at Hiller's Market in Ann Arbor, one of six stores in a southeast Michigan chain. Owner Jim Hiller had declared his support for Israel, and advertised in the Jewish press that he donates profits from sales of Israeli goods to Israel. There is evidence the protest hurt his business; over the summer a sale was run at the Ann Arbor store only, offering $40 free groceries if $40/wk was purchased for 9 weeks. The Jewish Federation sent out 2000 emails urging a shop-in in support of Hiller, and the Ann Arbor Ghetto, pitifully armed with credit cards and SUVs, heroically rose against its oppressors. We also heard through the Jewish grapevine that his business had been hurt. See below. On January 6, Hiller's Ann Arbor manager John Beckius informed Henry Herskovitz in a meeting that Jim Hiller would no longer be advertising that he donates profits from the sale of Israeli goods to Israel. No quid pro quo was offered or claimed, but JWP&F decided to call off the protest.

Ann Arbor resident responds to clergy (late December)
Jon Swanson of Ann Arbor wrote a letter responding to the 33 clergy who condemned the vigils (below) and sent it to all of them.

Ann Arbor News refuses Hedy Epstein letter (late December)
Hedy Epstein is the Kindertransport survivor and Holocaust educator who joined the vigil on October 2; see Hedy highlights. The Snooze refused to print her letter responding to the Christian clergy who condemned the vigils.

Empire Still Striking Back
Local clergy denounce vigils at behest of organized Jews. See December 15 Media Reports below.

Friends of the IDF help needy war criminals
On December 17, JWP&F organized a demonstration in downtown Ann Arbor near the offices of banks who support the Michigan Friends of the IDF. 25-30 people attended, with printed signs and well-written leaflets, which were given to motorists waiting for traffic lights as well as to pedestrians. See story.
On October 22, 2004, the Detroit Jewish News published a full-page ad from the Michigan Friends of the IDF, thanking their supporters, including 5 Michigan banks. See the ad at For discussion of the bank campaign, see vigil reports for November 6, November 13, and November 20. The Jewish Federation held its annual fundraiser on November 29, and the Federation president this year is president of the Michigan Friends of the IDF. JWP&F's protest is in the November 22, 29 report. See also a report about the contortions of liberal Zionists and cowardly Christians over the campaign against support for Israel's atrocities by the banks.

The Empire Strikes Back
The organized Jewish community has declared war on the vigils. City Council passed a resolution against the vigils, see the October 19 news story and the October 16 vigil report. This follows public threats against council by a member of Beth Israel, who posted an "open letter" on the so-called AASPURN web site, which seeks to raise money for Israel against the vigilers. See The letter was later removed.

The Councilmember who drafted the resolution claims absurdly that the vigils violate a state law against disrupting religious services (among other falsehoods in the resolution) and decries the "enormous pain" caused by the vigils, and the impotence of the people targeted---including the local movers and shakers of organized Jewry, who raise funds and organize events and dominate opinion on Israel's behalf. A letter was accepted for publication by the Ann Arbor News but did not run.

A letter of unknown provenance opposing the vigils is circulating among clergy, via the Interfaith Roundtable.

Rabbi Robert Levy of Temple Beth Emeth appeared before the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice to plead the injured feelings of the Beth Israel congregants. He is leading a trip to Israel February 19-26, a frolic on the beaches of Eilat (pdf) for spring break, totally oblivious to the apocalypse in Palestine.

Noam Chomsky stands with JWP&F (in spirit)
"I'm deeply impressed with what you are doing, and know that it is not easy, to put it rather mildly. I really wish I could join you. It would be a privilege. But the way my life is organized, I have to keep rigidly to a relentless schedule, planned long in advance. Just can't stay on, even for a few hours. Serious commitments that I can't avoid. Hope at least to have a chance to say hello.-Noam"

Noam Chomsky was in Ann Arbor October 28-29, 2004 to give the Davis Markert Nickerson Lecture on Academic and Intellectual Freedom, established by the UM faculty and named for 3 faculty members who were dismissed during the McCarthy period (see Henry wrote to Chomksy, explained the vigils, and asked if he might stay a day longer and stand with us. He could not, but joins us in spirit.

Hedy Epstein, kindertransport survivor and Holocaust educator, stood with us
On Saturday, October 2 (report below), JWP&F was joined by kindertransport survivor and Holocaust educator Hedy Epstein (see Rabbi Dobrusin of Beth Israel wrote her an email and asked her not to come. She declined his request and affirmed her intention to come, with a poem, and asked to see him while she was in Ann Arbor. See the September 18 vigil report. The Ann Arbor News covered the attempt of the Jewish Federation to prevent her talk at a local church, October 1 story, but not her appearance at the vigil or her talk itself. Rabbi Dobrusin did not respond to Hedy's request to see him in Ann Arbor, and she tried but could not reach him during her time in Ann Arbor. Hedy wrote to the Ann Arbor News to protest the letter of the 33 clergy, but they refused to print the letter and Victor Schaffner, the editorial page editor, did not return her phone call.

Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom sends greetings from Israel
Dear Henry,

My connection with Ann Arbor goes back to the '80's, when I lectured there about justice and peace in Israel/Palestine (hosted by Elias Baumgarten).

I've been following your ordeal via emails posted on the EMEM list, and wanted to convey my support in challenging the silence of the Jewish community to what is going on in the Middle East.

best wishes,

Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom

Jeremy Levin, former CNN Beirut bureau chief, stood with JWP&F
see the August 7, 2004 vigil report.

Note the Sept 12 op-ed and editorial pieces, 1 pro, 2 con, which took up most of the editorial space that Sunday.

Note the impact of the vigils at the June 6 Jewish Community Center meeting on "What Does It Mean to Support Israel"? in the June 5 report below.


Media Reports

James Militzer's more than 5000-word, May 2006, article about JWPF in the Ann Arbor Observer.
Sacred Ground: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Ann Arbor

Teddy Katz spoke on March 24, and in Indianapolis, covered by the
Indianapolis Star, March 30, Forsaking the tunnel of death.

Mustafa Barghouti's superb talk is for the Snooze an occasion for Zionist propaganda.
Palestinian: Walls block peace (March 1)
Letter not to appear
Letter which did appear (pro)

Further letters
February 22 (con)
February 21 ("pro")

Letters about the bank donations to Friends of the IDF
February 17 (pro)
February 11 (con)
February 2 (con)
January 13 (pro)

Ann Arbor News, February 8-9
Beth Israel responds with donations; Jewish Witnesses group says it will continue protests
Vigil group critical of city council

Interesting letter about the ideological distance between the News's editorial positions and the views of its readership. January 31

Letters about the clergy letter against the vigils
February 4 (pro)

January 9 (pro)
January 1 (pro)

Donations from 5 local banks are under fire, Detroit Free Press , December 24.

"Sometimes terrorists are just bureaucrats doing their jobs". Not Palestine, but a good letter in the News from a vigiler, December 21.

Banks' support of IDF sparks protest, Arab American News, mid-December.

Local clergy beat up on the vigils at the behest of the organized Jews, Ann Arbor News, December 15.
Local ministers urge pickets to quit Saturday protest at Beth Israel
Religious leaders denounce protest

The Ann Arbor News ran several letters pro and con the city council resolution, most of which did not appear on the web site.
November 19, con
November 17, con
November 11, con
November 9, pro
November 8, con
November 4, pro/con
November 1, pro
October 31, con

Stanford Daily, Hedy Epstein vs. Ruth Wisse
Tensions boil as Holocaust survivor decries treatment of Palestinians (Oct. 21)
Wisse: Palestine not Israel's Fault (Nov. 21)

Ann Arbor News, October 19
Council Criticizes Temple Protests

Ann Arbor News, October 1
Jewish Speaker to Join Pickets

Arab American News
Jewish activist banned from Yom Kippur services
Holocaust survivor to join boycott of synagogue in Ann Arbor

The News ran several letters on Sept 20-21, which it did not post on its web site, in response to the following pieces.

Ann Arbor News, September 12
Allow Worship to Be in Peace (Jewish Federation)
Sever Jewish-Israel Identity (JWP&F; This is a response to June 24 piece below; the above piece was solicited to run with it, and the following editorial added for good measure. Our piece was so dangerous it needed 2 opposition pieces to escort it. We were damaged a bit by a loose cannon who abuses city council, and some comments from emails mistakely made public, but our piece was on a different plane and the message came through.)
Synagogue Pickets a Cynical Exercise (editorial)

Detroit Jewish News, August 18 (Beth Israel opinion)
Spurned Protests

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, July/August 2004
A Midwest Jewish Activist Helps Fight Zionist Mind Control in America

Detroit Jewish News, August 23 (Hiller's vigil inspires more action)
Easing a Friend's Fear

Ann Arbor News, July 19, 2004. The Jewish Federation sent 2000 emails to Jewish shoppers, calling for a shop-in at Hiller's, which is also running a promotion only at the Ann Arbor store, offering $40 free groceries if you buy $40/wk for 9 weeks.
Hiller's Market Gets Support from Shoppers


Letters to the Ann Arbor News
September 8, pro
September 5, pro
August 26, con
August 23, con
August 20, con
August 15, pro
August 4, con
July 30, pro
July 27, con
Response to Endelman (unpublished)
July 5, con
July 4, con
July 2, con
June 29, pro
June 28, con
June 18, pro

Ann Arbor News, June 24, 2004, Other Voices (op-ed) column
Anti-Israel picketers should stop confusing religion and politics

The Other Conflict of Zionism (submitted in response)

sit-in at Sen. Carl Levin's Lansing office over Israeli assault on Rafah by JWPF and others
State News, May 24, 2004, Protestors occupy Senator's office
Lansing City Pulse, May 26, 2004, Fighting at home for peace in the Middle East
Arab American News, Michigan Peace Team holds sit-in at Senator Carl Levinís Lansing office

The protest of Hiller's Markets, described in some reports below, is another activity of JWP.
Oakland Press, May 1, 2004
Picketers Protest Award Recipient for Giving to Israel

Letters about that article
May 16 (pro)

Ann Arbor News, March 29, 2004
Politics and Religion Collide: Vigils Offend Members of Beth Israel Congregation

Letters about that article
April 6 (con, 1 pro)
April 8 (con)
April 12 (con)
April 27 (pro)
May 4 (pro)
May 12 (con, pro)
May 16 (pro)
May 17 (con)
May 18 (contra Bush/Sharon)
May 23 (con)
May 25 (pro)
May 28 (pro)

Michigan Daily, March 17, 2004, death of Rachel Corrie anniversary, attended by JWP
'U' Students Commemorate Death of Young Activist in Middle East

Ann Arbor News, February 25, 2004
letter from Henry Herskovitz

The Oakland Press interviewed three vigilers and ran a story, but they've switched web services and the article is not on the new site, which lacks an archive. It's in the February 7 report, below.

Ann Arbor News, Friday, January 30, 2004
Letters con

There were also letters pro and con in the Washtenaw Jewish News, which does not have a web archive. See the January 10 report below.

Michigan Daily, November 4, 2003, JWPF organizes Dennis Ross protest
Ambassador addresses policy

Henry Herskovitz, Electronic Intifada, October 14, 2003
Michigan Jewish Activists Hold Vigils Outside Conservative Synagogue

Detroit Jewish News, September 15, 2003
Shabbat demonstrators outside Ann Arbor synagogue to protest Israelís military actions.


Creative Writing

Sunday Vigil Skit, Laurel Federbush

Vigils Elicit Only Positive Response, Laurel Federbush


Related Articles

Israeli ex-pat musician Gilad Atzmon's political writings

Ismar Schorsch, The Sacred Cluster: The Core Values of Conservative Judaism

Rabbi Robert Dobrusin, Sermon for Yom Kippur, 2003

Elias Davidsson, Contra "The New Anti-semitism"

Paul Eisen, Jewish Power

Marc Ellis, Beyond Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Henry Herskovitz, A Human Being Among the "Progressive Jews"


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The Palestinian National Initiative

Stop Caterpillar

If Americans Knew

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Insomnia Cure

Harry Clark, In Support of the Vigil Project

Harry Clark and Joel Finkel, Exchange on the Vigil Project

Joel Finkel et al., NIMN Cadres Chafe at Commissar Finkel's line

Science discovers new element in Joel Finkel's brain, incoherium.

Finkel in Jerusalem
Kidnapped from his lair in Chicago and tried by righteous Jews at the recent Sabeel conference ... Dan McGowan of Deir Yassin Remembered came from Geneva, NY with a friend to stand with the synagogue vigilers on June 5 (see report), reciprocating our trip to Geneva last fall for the DYR memorial dedication. He described talking over coffee with Finkel, Marc Ellis and Jeff Halper at the Sabeel conference in Jerusalem. Finkel talked down to McGowan, as a non-Jew, but couldn't get over Ellis and Halper, repeatedly professed his amazement and distress, and was so upset he returned to his hotel room to recover; an invitation to dinner with Israel Shamir nearly finished him off.



Pictures of Marcia, Henry, Elaine and Gloria (Palestinians)


Vigil Reports, Henry Herskovitz

(Since January 2010 all vigil reports have been posted on The Deir Yassin Remembered Blog; click on the "Beth Israel" tag)

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