Challenges to Preservation of Images in New Orleans

Reporters Without Borders is reporting some bad news:

Reporter Tim Harper and photographer Lucas Oleniuk of the Canadian Toronto Star daily were the victims of police violence while covering a clash between police and looters. The police threatened them several times at gunpoint and, when they realised Oleniuk had photographed them hitting looters, they hurled him to the ground, grabbed his two cameras and removed memory cards containing around 350 pictures…A second incident involved Gordon Russell of the New Orleans-based Times-Picayune daily as he was covering a shoot-out between police and local residents near the convention centre where hurricane victims were awaiting evacuation. The police detained Russell and smashed all of his equipment on the ground…

There are other cases like this being reported from New Orleans. But given the Utah rave case, the Oakland police stop, and the Pennsylvania (Robinson v. Fetterman) case, it seems like the question of when police can be photographed in action is coming to the fore. Images can’t make it into permanent archives if they are destroyed on the spot.

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