UonTV: Satellite for Videobloggers and Others

The idea is an interesting one: offer cheap ($20 – $170 per half hour) access to free-to-air satellite broadcasting. UonTV reaches an audience of 3 to 6 million people who have a 30 inch dish and downconverter, allows time slots to be reserved up to three months in advance, and asks programmers to provide MPEG-2 video and audio with a 720×480 resolution and less than 4 Mbps bitrate. I was disappointed that watching the stream on the UonTV website requires viewers to run Windows, and the equipment requirements make it unlikely that this will reach a mass audience. It’s also an odd step back towards scheduled broadcasting. Still, it’s interesting to see them position their company squarely in competition with Akimbo and Current.tv, and to see another approach to user generated broadcast content. It will be interesting to see how quickly the prices for broadcast channels decline over the next decade.

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