MPAA’s Glickman on the Broadcast Flag

I’m a little late pointing this editorial by the MPAA’s CEO Dan Glickman, which concludes “In the end, it will be the consumers who suffer the most if the broadcast flag is not mandated for the digital era.”

But consumers aren’t asking for the broadcast flag. Neither are independent video producers, librarians, or archivists.

Glickman states “Without proper protections, it will be increasingly difficult to show movies, television shows or even baseball games on free television,” adding “The sole purpose and effect of the broadcast flag is to assure a continued supply of high-value programming to off-air digital television consumers.”

Neither one of these two propositions is demonstrated in Glickman’s editorial; a serious investigation into the effects of DRM has yet to be done. But just as many Americans will continue to believe that WMDs were found in Iraq, people with ideological commitments to DRM will continue to believe it can be made to work.

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