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Where do you look for HOPE?


Where do you look for hope? How about in one of the last places you’d expect – among sub-Saharan Africa’s orphans and vulnerable young people?

HOPEHIV supports kids who have been given the toughest of tough starts. In communities ground down by poverty and AIDS, a generation of young people are growing up without parents to nurture and protect them. Yet many show extraordinary spirit, resilience and talent. We see that, given the opportunity, they have the potential to change Africa’s future from the bottom up.

This year we celebrate 15 years of HOPE! We have come a long way as an organisation and 15 years on, we have reached a key moment in our story.

On our 15th birthday, 10th October 2015, HOPEHIV will become WeSeeHope. 


Our founders, Phil and Wendy Wall, explain their vision for our new name:

You can find out more here.


The 2015 issue of our annual journal, INSIDE HOPE, is now available to read online here. A pdf can be downloaded here.

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