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Project: Eurasians at the grassroots. We need you!

Interview on Malaysian Eurasians with Dennis de Witt on BFM 89.9.

Book 'All things Malaysian' launched at Rumah Malaysia in The Hague!

Marking ethnic boundaries among Malaysian Dutch Eurasians. (Research by Drs Pim ten Hoorn)

Portuguese and Luso-Asian legacies in SE Asia, 1511-2011. (Paper abstract by Dennis de Witt)


The Malaysian Dutch Descendants Project website is dedicated to the minority and forgotten community of Dutch descendants living in Malaysia. We kindly invite you to join us on a journey of discovery and find out everything there is to know about our community, learn about our rich historical past and delight in our unique and unrivalled heritage.

Project: Eurasians at the grassroots

Eurasian at the Grassroots

In an effort to record lesser known stories and aspects regarding the Eurasians, Dennis de Witt is looking to collect as many contributions as possible and to eventually have it published as a collective work by different contributors. The idea is to gather a collection of stories about the background, history, culture and heritage of the average Eurasian family. This might include stories from the poor fisherman to any Eurasian family who held some post of distinction, about family life, memories of festivals, food or even your own family history. Contributions by the elders or about the elders are most welcome. [20130623]

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Eurasian roots in Malaysia - Interview on BFM 89.9


Aside from its history in Malacca where colonial architectures still stand today, little is known about the Malaysian-Eurasians. Being a small community, the eurasians often stand at 1 to 2 degrees of separation instead of 6. Given this proximity, many have forged close relations with one another, no matter their ancestry or differing sub-groups. With their rich history, culture and traditions spanning centuries throughout what was known then as Malaya and Borneo, we try to learn more about this group of people with Dennis De Witt, author of the book 'History of the Dutch in Malaysia'. [20130123]

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Book: 'All things Malaysian'

Dennis De witt in The Hague

On 1 June 2011, a book entitled 'All things Malaysian' was launched at Rumah Malaysia in Wassenaar, The Hague. 'All things Malaysian' contains 24 fascinating short stories about Malaysia written by Dutch nationals from all walks of life. [20110601]

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Marking ethnic boundaries

Get-together in Penang

The main purpose of this research is to see if one can discriminate a separate Dutch Eurasian ethnic identity and if so, what actual or assumed characteristics Dutch Eurasians apply to themselves in defining their ethnic identity. [20110122]

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Dutch descendant honoured

Dennis De witt in The Hague

Dutch descendant Dennis De Witt was awarded the Dutch Incentive Prize for Genealogy during a ceremony at the Central Bureau of Genealogy at The Hague in The Netherlands for his work entitled the History of the Dutch in Malaysia. It is the only award for genealogy given in The Netherlands. [20090423]

MDDP Penang get-together

Get-together in Penang

Dutch descendants living on the island of Penang attended a dinner hosted by the Project's representative in Penang, Mr. Harold Speldewinde. Two large tables were filled in a Siamase Restaurant. In attendance were Dutch descendants and friends of the Project. [20081116]

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Tong Tong Fair 2014

Malaysians residing in the Netherlands might want to mark their calendar for the 56th Tong Tong Fair taking place from May 29 till June 9 in The Hague.

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