Glencore shares dive on commodity fears

Analysts warns on outlook for group’s earnings

Probe into BoE guidance in crisis auctions

Inquiry into claims bank advised lenders on money-market bids

Putin and Obama starkly divided on Syria

‘Enormous mistake’ to spurn Assad, Russian leader tells UN

Carlyle to take control of PA Consulting

Deal will require approval of UK group’s employees

Apple iPhone 6s beats sales forecasts

Strong numbers after early China release fail to lift share price

Google bets on quantum computing

Internet group agrees seven-year contract with D-Wave Systems

Catalan vote gives comfort to both sides

Parties campaigning for split fall short of 50% target

Germany launches probe of ex-VW chief

Two senior executives suspended as internal investigation is stepped up

US attacks ‘inaccurate’ spying assertions

State department rejects ECJ opinion on ‘safe harbour’ data deal

Trump looks to scrap income tax for poor

Shake-up would encourage companies to return $2tn parked abroad

Burger King in talks to swallow up Quick

Restaurant Brands to take greater bite into French fast food

Comment & Analysis

Catalonia needs to step back from brink

Sunday’s regional poll does not give it the right to break with Spain

Myanmar’s friends must support peace

This is a critical moment for the UK, US and UN to take a public stand, writes Richard Horsey

Crisis panel move shows VW board flaws

Carmaker is following a corporate blueprint for sticky situations

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"My mother's friend worked on cruise ships in the 50's and 60's. She said 1st-class passengers were the most unhappy people on board. Defoe nailed it. Crusoe's father told him the state best suited to human happiness was 'the Upper Station of Low Life' - free from misery and hardship endured by the poor but also free from pride and envy of the upper part of mankind."
By Metrodorus on The 1 per cent? Not for my kids

"Admitted dishonesty by a handful of VW staff hiding the high NOx emissions, in order to win market share, reduce costs or whatever, will rightly be punishable. How VW handles this and does the right thing by all its global customers and other stakeholders without giving undue weight to its US business will be the challenge."
By dch on Seven reasons Volkswagen is worse than Enron

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