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Sarvestan 03

مجله الکترونیکی سروستان
(میراث معماری و شهری)

Sarvestan eMagazine
(Architectural & Urban Heritage)

ISSN 2345-3095

Sarvestan eMagazine | vol. 1, no. 3, August 2013

(Architectural and Urban Heritage)



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A glance at this issue in English  | translated and edited by Homa Parmoun
Laleh-zar Movie Theaters; Heritage at Risk | Afrooz Tahmasebi
Laleh-zar Street is known as the first modern street in Tehran, and also Iran. Many firsts formed in this street, including the first European-style cafes, new style shops and imported goods suppliers, news offices and political parties’ bureaus, printing houses, hotels, theaters and cinemas. However, many of these buildings, including the first cinemas are in a concerning situation and it seems that they are in high danger of negligence and demolition.
An Introduction to Docomomo_Belgium | Nasim Zand Dizari
Docomomo International, a non-profit organization, is a major player in the realm of conservation of modern architecture and also in the broader field of architectural culture around the world. This organization has national chapters in different countries. Among these chapters, Docomomo_Belgium is an important and active one, which its activities are described in this issue.
Tehran Squares according to Documents | Saeed Mahmoud-Kelayeh, Mohammad Gholamnejad
This report assesses a document about the Squares of Tehran, at the beginning of the present century and read out the changes in their names, extensions and positions. These squares are: Sepah, Baharestan, Mokhber al-doleh, Pahlavi, Shahpour, Mohammadieh, Amin al-soltan, Qale melki baladieh.
Adaptive Re-use of Historic Settings | Ahmad Oloumi
Using historic settings as a potential leading to Inner-city Development policy approaches, has been considered by restoration and urban design field policy makers in recent decades. Accordingly, in recent years, the issue literature has been documented and several successful experiences with different approaches in this field has been designed and implemented. In following we have tried to review this issue from theoreticians’ perspective, in order to adapt these historic settings for re-use.
An Introduction to Masouleh’s Current Condition | Homa Kermanian, Amir Maleki
Historic city of Masouleh is located in the jungle-covered hillside of the Talysh Mountains. Historical documents represent a thousand year background for this city. Dense and stepped on the hillside, houses have been created a scenic that will attract every viewer. But signs are being faded one after another. This paper introduces the city and its current condition with a critical view.
World Monuments Fund | Hadi Naderi
World Monuments Fund is an independent international organization founded in 1965, headquartered in New York. Preservation of historic architecture and cultural heritage sites around the world is the main purpose of the activities and the mission of WMF. After almost five decades, WMF is running different preservation projects and programs in more than 90 countries, through partnerships with local communities, funders, and governments.
(Anjoman-e Doostdärän-e Yädmänhä-ye Mändegär) -Lasting Monuments Fans- NGO | Elham Hajimaleki
This NGO has been established since 1388 (SH) with the aim of promoting youth general knowledge and creating a sense of responsibility towards the protection of historical monuments, cultural values and local – historic heritage in the province of Qazvin.
Architectural Documentation Workshop | Ahmad Fathi Najafabadi
This workshop was organized by the Research Institute of Culture and Art of the University of Tehran from July 2 to 3, 2013. Four technologies on documentation presented to the participants in the workshop; Remote Sensing, Laser Scan, photogrammetry and GIS.