Re: Grokster

Prediction 1: Napster’s shutdown led to serverless, tracker-based P2P, and today’s Grokster decision will lead to encrypted, anonymous, unbreakable blacknets.

Prediction 2: today’s Grokster decision will lead to greater contempt for copyright law. Government that is perceived as “not getting it” or as in the pocket of industry lobbyists won’t have legitimacy with the next group to code up a blacknet p2p app.

The librarians probably have it right, but Robert Musil deserves the last word:

…high-mindedness is the mark of every professional ideology. Hunters for instance would never dream of calling themselves butchers of wild game; they prefer to call themselves the duly licensed friends of nature and animals; just as businessmen uphold the principle of honorable profit, while the businessman’s god, Mercury, that distinguished promoter of international relations, is also the god of thieves. So the image of a profession in the minds of its practitioners is not too reliable. (from the second paragraph in chapter 72 of The Man Without Qualities):

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