The Heathkit H-8 Digital Computer: History, Nostalgia and Virtual Reality

This page was last updated on 12/04/2003

my H-8
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History and Nostalgia

Introduction: In the early days of hobby computing…

Add-Ins, add-ons and Gadgets: Evolution in Action

The Heath Users’ Group: More than just users

H-8 Technical data: Details, details, details!

the Virtual H-8
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The Virtual H-8 Project

Turing’s Theorem

Why an H-8?

Which H-8?

The Specification: The mission statement

Development Plan: What gets coded when

Design Notes

Current Status of the Project: How's it going?

Can I Have One?: Downloadable code

Limitations, Shortcuts and Just Plain Bugs

Needs: Can you help?

Legal Issues: Getting Permission vs Asking Forgiveness

Credits: Folks Who Have Helped

Another Virtual H8:

Project8080  This Virtual H8 Project is in a more advanced stage of development than mine, and was written for the Mac. Note: this is an archival copy of a site that went down in July, 2003. Published with the permission of the original site's author.

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