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Jordan Gate Towers, Amman

Systemair has supplied the ventilation solutions to one of the Jordan most prestigious buildings, the Jordan Gate Towers.

Jordan Gate Towers is a high class Commercial and residential project currently under construction in Amman, Jordan. They are located in west Amman, close to the 6th Circle. The towers are the first skyscrapers the city has seen to date and with the edition of the 32nd floor, became the tallest structures in Jordan, thus surpassing the 31-floor Le Royale Hotel. The towers will also host the new Hilton Hotel, the first in Jordan. The developers are Bahrain's Gulf Finance House, the Kuwait Investment and Finance Company (KIFC), DTZ, and Al Hamad Contracting Co. To date it is still unknown how tall the towers will be with many estimating approximately 130m.

Systemair offered efficient car park ventilation solutions for approximately 1,700 cars.

AJR Jet fan
Systemair renowned AJR Jet Fan system provided the ventilation solutions to the enclosed three storey basement car parks for approximately 1,700 cars. Each level is ventilated via individual supply shafts installed with Systemair high presence AXC axial fans.

Ventilation zones
Each car park level was split into a number of ventilation zones. In the general ventilation mode the system is operated according to the detected levels/ location of pollution within the car park. In the emergency/smoke ventilation mode, fire rated dampers close on the non-fire floors with increased extract being provided on the fire floor. Selected Jet fans are operated depending on the location of the fire. Systemair knowledge and experience of Car park Jet fan ventilation has now been applied to many projects around the world.

With Systemair rapidly becoming an industry leader, offering tailored solutions for projects. A typical system includes the provision of main extract fans, supply fans (if required), Car Park Jet fans, detection systems for pollution, CFD analysis, and the control equipment. This enables the system to be designed around the specific requirements of the car park and ensures the system operates as designed.

System Benefits
•Eliminates need for ducting
•Reduced System Resistance
•Space Optimization
•Reduced Design Time
•Optimized System Design
•Reduced Running Costs
•Tailored Solution


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