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Menyertai Februari 2013

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  1. My fitbit for 9/30/2015: 11,764 steps and 5.1 miles traveled.

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    I'm going to keep begging you all every day to vote for me! PLEASE!

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    I am a finalist for the ! Like what?! Please vote for me!

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    Yoga can reduce heart rate as well as blood pressure

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    Our first Twitter chat is tomorrow 5:30-6pm PDT! Tune in right here. Details:

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    Reduce knee pain with hip strengthening exercises

  7. Want to & run the streets of with ? Use code RUNWITHASHLEYLV to save $15.

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    Tastes like . This for Mini Crumbles is our newest fave:

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    Fitness Chat TODAY 5pmP/8pmE!

  10. Happy Monday!

  11. Inspiration....wake up and smell it!! Either set out to inspire someone today or tag someone who…

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    When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable. –Walt Disney

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    Jumping rope isn't just for kids. Learn the hidden benefits of jump rope for runners:

  14. Sunday's are meant for swinging around! Love watching swing like a little kid!

  15. I've got the obsession bad. Now it's carrying over to my bread. How could I not try…

  16. I hate my pillow.

  17. Good food, good drinks, and good times with our friends. Thanks fiction13 for a great night at…

  18. Time for margaritas!!! (@ Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar) on

  19. Weekends are the best! Smile and enjoy every minute of the weekend! Got any special plans this…

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