Known as little more than a typical tourist site until recently, Korea is now recognized as
a “leader of popular culture” and a “trendy and innovative” travel destination.
A new brand for Korea tourism has been developed in order to better express today’s Korea to enthusiasts around the world
and use this momentum to usher in a new era of Korea tourism with the vision of reaching 20 million visitors


In examining the distinctive characteristics of Korea including its people, culture, history, environment,
products and services, as well as its national policy, consumer needs and trends, and the status of competing countries,
four core values were identified: Diverse, Vibrant, Creative, and Intriguing.

Through these core values, the brand identity of ‘Creative Motivation’ was established.
Refresh your perspective on life and awaken your senses through the surprising experiences that can be found only in Korea.

  • Korea. Full of diverse and
    harmonious pleasures
  • Korea. Where endless energy
    and vitality abound
  • Korea. Constantly
    creatingnew values
  • Korea. A country that attracts and
    ignites the interest of the world


The brand slogan ‘Imagine your Korea’ expresses the brand identity, Creative Motivation,
in a way that stimulates tourists to travel to Korea through Korea’s creative culture.

Korea is full of cultural heritage sites, vibrant shopping districts and various cultural content that will satisfy all types of visitors from around the world.
Imagine your Korea, and experience the surprises that await you in a place that exceeds expectations.

  • Korea. Where scenes from movies and soap operas come to life,

    Korea. A place that turns everyday life into something extraordinary.

    Korea. Full of endless forms of entertainment, from its various cultural heritage sites to the bustling shopping district of Myeongdong.

  • Korea. A country that is transforming into an attractive tourist destination for an increasing number of Free Independent Travelers.

    Korea. Filled with leading cultural content that customers can participate in and experience for themselves.

    Korea. The tourist destination which satisfies the constantly diversifying needs of tourists.


The brand platform summarizes the components that make up a brand.
By communicating the brand for Korea tourism through five categories of K-Food, K-Wave, K-Spirit, K-Place and K-Style,
visitors have more reasons to believe in the brand, Imagine your Korea.


With unique and interesting experiences to be found wherever you go,
all visitors to Korea will receive an experience above and beyond their expectations.


  • K-Food

    Unique recipes made with diverse seasonal ingredients and unconventional cooking methods

  • K-Wave

    Infinite creativity and passion that defines Korea and Koreans

  • K-Spirit

    Infinite creativity and passion that defines Korea and Koreans

  • K-Place

    Fresh, unique tourist sites that seamlessly combine the tradition with modernity

  • K-Style

    Elegant and sophisticated lifestyle that captivates the heart of trend hunters everywhere

Brand Guidelines