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Welcome aboard!


What some folks have said when visiting my layout:

"Is that IT?!"

"It looks MUCH bigger in photograhs..."

"You don't so much VISIT Bill's layout as you put it on."

Since 1999 I have been building a compact double-decked layout based on the New York, Ontario & Western Railway in upstate New York. The New York, Ontario & Western was a regional class one railroad that ran in upstate New York and north eastern Pennsylvania. Over the years, the road has attracted a following completely out of proportion to its size.

I was drawn to the O&W as a child, riding in the back of my parent’s car on route 17. A historical marker placed at the rest area just south of Roscoe, NY was titled "To The Mountains by Rail" and gave a short history of the line. It ended by saying that the road we were traveling on was built on the old railroad right of way, a comment that sparked the imagination of a train loving kid. Little did I know at the time that all these years later I would be so involved with a little railroad that seemingly ran from nowhere to nowhere. 

My layout is crammed into a small spare upstairs bedroom, has double deck construction, handlaid track, scratchbuilt buildings and runs DCC with sound.

What's new?

In general, I'm slowly working on giving the entire site a bit of a facelift. This will include updating a lot of the content that has gone rather stale, so please keep checking back from time to time to see what has changed. Here are a few of teh most recenet changes:

  • Well, I've entered the blog age... Check out my new layout and design blog.

  • Some additional photos of my "Teesbury" OO British layout added.

  • Break out the popcorn, I've joined the video age! I've been playing around with the video functions on my digital camera and have uploaded a few videos to YouTube. They're not exactly top quality, but it does show some of the trains in motion. The sounds are all from the DCC decoders on board, there are no overdubs.

Navigating the Site

This might be self explanatory, but one should never assume! Just go on the ticket on the right and click where you want to to move around the site. If you want to start over, just click the banner at the top. Also, most of the images are clickable to open a larger size. Try the image on the right as an example.

A Note About the Photos

Unless otherwise credited, all of the photos photos on this site have been taken by me. All layout photos use only the light cast by the installed layout lighting. No additional fill lights or floods are used. Most of the images will open a larger version when clicked.

Many photos have cloud/sky backdrops added in Photoshop. This (in my mind anyway) is a bit of a neccesary evil when photographing a double deck layout with limited vertical space. To see whay, just look at the two photos below. These are both the same shot, one raw and the other with the sky added. Note that all modeling shown is actually on the layout!


Like what you see? DON'T like what you see? Are you an O&W fan too? Drop me an .

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