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My hope is that this web site will be helpful for people getting into nordic backcountry touring.

Here's what you might find here:

FOCUS ON NORDIC BACKCOUNTRY - Nordic backcountry touring falls in that odd middle ground between cross-country skiing and telemark skiing. This page won't provide you with any guidance on nordic skiing in prepared tracks nor on downhill oriented telemark skiing. This site does not focus on backcountry alpine skiing, including Alpine Touring or Randonnee skiing.

FOCUS ON GEAR TYPES - I try to stay away from discussions of particular models of boots and skis. Rather, my goal is to define and discuss classes or categories of skis and boots. Hopefully this will help make information found in books, magazine and on internet forums more meaningful.

FOCUS ON NEW ENGLAND - my skiing has been limited to New England, so these pages are very much shaped by that.

NO EXPERT ADVICE - I'm not an expert. What is here is a collection of my own opinions based on my limited experiences combined with my interpretation of what I've heard and read from others. Specifically, I'm deeply indebted to the helpful input provided by countless people who have used and reported gear I've not had access to.

CHANGING ADVICE - A big part of what drives this page is my own desire to figure this stuff out. It's been in a state of constant change for the past few years and I expect and hope it continues to change as I learn more. You can help. Feel free to contact me if with any of your comments or questions. I can be reached by electronic mail at pinnah at comcast dot net.


Many thanks to Adam Howard, the editor of Backcountry Magazine and the rest of the crew for supplying me with copies of some of their old ski reviews from their archives to help with research on ski designs. It's great to see such a quality magazine coming from Jeffersonville, Vermont. Backcountry is one of the few magazines that provides coverage of backcountry touring. By all means, if you haven't subscribed yet, do it now.



BACKCOUNTRY SKIING IS DANGEROUS! Mountain related sports including skiing, backpacking, hiking and backcountry skiing are inherently dangerous. Any individual reading the material on this web site is responsible for evaluating its appropriateness, assumes all risks and accepts full responsibility for any and all damages or injuries, including death, which may result from engaging in activities described on this web site. Anyone who is not an expert in skiing, backcountry skiing, winter travel or any related activity should seek qualified guides and instruction before engaging in any activity described here. The author of this web page makes no claim whatsoever regarding the accuracy or safety of ANYTHING on this web site. Any item that may appear to be offering either medical or legal advice is doing neither.


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