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ERP Roadmap

This resource is designed for staff in state environmental regulatory agencies that want to begin an Environmental Results Program (ERP), or that are already planning or implementing an ERP.

Developing an ERP can be a complex process, with many inter-related issues to consider. The ERP Roadmap is intended to help readers get started with ERP by breaking down the process of program development into manageable steps.

What is the ERP Roadmap?

The ERP Roadmap is a hyperlinked set of documents that outlines six broad phases in ERP development. Within each phase of program development, there are several related steps, which often happen concurrently or iteratively. The Roadmap identifies the specific steps to take in each phase and proposes key questions for program managers to consider at each step in program development.

In addition, for each broad phase of program development, the Roadmap identifies internal and/or external stakeholders that can provide important feedback and support for the program. Finally, the ERP Roadmap provides links to resources and sample documents that can assist in program development.

How to Use the ERP Roadmap

You are encouraged to briefly review all the phases and steps in ERP development first, to get an overview of the program development process. Then, focus on the key questions and resources identified for your current phase of program development. You can access the questions and resources in each section by clicking on the hyperlinked text that says that questions or resources are available. Keep in mind that decisions made early on can have important implications for the way your program develops over time, so it is important to think about the future implications of your current decisions. The questions presented here are designed to help identify some of these implications early on.

It is also important to remember that there is no one right way to design an ERP. Each state that has implemented ERP has adapted the program to fit its own particular needs. The steps presented here need not be followed exactly, or in the specific order presented. However, the steps and process illustrated here largely represent a common approach to ERP that has evolved through the experience of several states.

Getting Started

To begin using the ERP Roadmap, start with the overview of the roadmap, which presents a high-level summary of each phase.

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