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Sunstroke Updates with Readability Support

Since the Readability platform first launched, we’ve issued more than 1,500 API keys to developers. Every day folks are plugging into the rapidly expanding universe of apps, sites, and services that take advantage of Readability’s flexibility and reach, and they’re all doing it in different ways.

Sunstroke, the first iPhone client for Shaun Inman’s Fever, just released it’s latest update, including support for Readability. “Readability has been one of the most popular requests,” Sunstroke developer Anthony Drendel told us. “As a developer, adding support for sending articles to Readability was simple. The API documentation was easy to understand and very thorough. I especially liked that Readability uses XAuth. It’s easy to implement, and doesn’t require me to store usernames and passwords.”

We’re happy to be a part of the work independent developers like Anthony are doing. Sunstroke is available now on the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

Dave was the former Community Manager at Readability. You can keep up with his latest adventures on Twitter.

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