ViPR and FitPro
bring you Loaded Movement Training


With over 9,000 exercises ViPR offers limitless ways to challenge and motivate your client. Not only will ViPR help you deliver sessions your clients will love, its programming potential is limited only by your imagination.

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Train the way we were built to move using the intense and challenging new programs ViPR 3D and ViPR Athletic, which will revolutionize your classes and give your members the power to load up their movement for serious results.

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Vitality. Performance. Reconditioning.

ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training. It combines full-body movement with load, enhancing the vitality, performance and reconditioning goals of clients and athletes. ViPR introduces a new concept in fitness and sports conditioning – Loaded Movement Training.

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Loaded Movement Training combines task-oriented movement patterning with resistance training. Agility and strength come from moving the body in a multitude of purposeful tasks with load.

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