Our Tips Policy - Update!

Las Iguanas – our tips policy

As previously announced, Las Iguanas is proposing to change its customer tips policy. We are pleased to do this in response to the wishes of our teams – the people who work at Las Iguanas and make it great. This proposal follows a review of the existing policy launched after Casual Dining Group’s purchase of Las Iguanas in July and a confidential staff survey.

The change would mean that 100% of tips will be distributed in full among hourly-paid staff at our restaurants – servers, bar tenders, chefs and back-of-house staff. The change would also bring us into line with our parent company Casual Dining Group (CDG), as our new system would mirror how tips are processed at other Casual Dining Group businesses.

We asked leading research firm Morar Consulting to conduct a confidential staff survey, so that we could understand fully how everyone felt across Las Iguanas. This survey, which was anonymous, saw responses from 700 team members. Many said they liked the current system, however more favoured a move to an automated system.

The key results were:

  • 42% would like to switch to an automated system (a ‘tronc’)
  • 32% want to keep our present policy
  • A significant minority favoured a variation on the current policy
  • We have listened to our team and having considered the responses we are proposing to move to a new, automated system. Whilst we will be discussing this further with our team to take their preferences into consideration and so that they are fully aware of the proposals, the proposed changes would see:

    • 100% of all tips (cash and credit card) shared amongst staff
    • Tips shared only amongst hourly-paid staff
    • No administration fees
    • No part of tips to go to company or management or restaurant managers
    • Exact split of tips pool between servers and bar/back-of-house to be determined at local level

    This proposed change from our current policy inevitably means that we will also need to review our current industry-leading benefits and incentives structure. However, Las Iguanas will continue to strive to deliver fantastic incentives and recognition schemes that reward all our dedicated, hard-working staff – the people who make Las Iguanas brilliant.

    Mos Shamel
    Managing Director
    Las Iguanas
    September 2015