March Madness: Sports Crafts for Kids


Basketball Bite-Sized TreatsMarch is mad with basketball, and kids should get in on the fun. However, since children are so particular, we figured we’d gather more than just basketball crafts to make sure every kid is satisfied. Here are some great crafts from AllFreeKidsCrafts for the kids to do while you watch some quality March Madness.

Keep those active kiddos occupied with crafts for kids that double as games, and wow their eyes and their tummies with delicious, crafty, sports-themed treats.

Since professional sports teams like to take their sweet time playing, kids tend to get antsy come second period. Encourage them to sit still and keep on cheering by giving them a sports craft to make while your  favorite team racks up points.


Sporty Edible Crafts for Kids Sports Ball Cupcakes

As the clock nears zero, kids are sure to have some grumbly tummies. Keep them happy during the entirety of the game by placing sports-themed finger foods in reach. Fuller bellies means less whining and more of a possibility of hearing the announcer’s brilliant input. My pick for the perfect game-time snacks are the Basketball Bite-Sized Treats. These delicious sandwiches are not messy, they easily fit in three different, important food groups, and they’re cute as can be. Cheering on your team is much more pleasant when the peanut gallery’s bellies are satisfied.

Other Sporty Edible Crafts for Kids:

Sports Ball Cupcakes
Sports Ball Cake

Basketball Krispie Treats
Football Rice Krispie Treats

Ping Pong Basketball

Sports Games Crafts for Kids

Kids can’t always sit still during games because it looks like the players are having so much fun, and they want in on that. Give them their own games to play with these awesome sports game crafts that they can make and then play. For a game that doesn’t require much space or money, encourage the mini sports stars to make Thumb War Wrestlers. Nothing is more fun than giving your thumb a personality and a will to win.

Other Sports Games Crafts for Kids:

Carpet Putt Putt
PVC Soccer Goals
Plastic Bottle Bowling
Slam Dunk Wastebasket
Ping Pong Basketball

Go Team Foam FingerSporty Decorative Crafts for Kids

For the munchkins who aren’t hungry and just don’t like to play sports, there are adorable, sporty, decorative crafts that will get any house ready for sports viewing. I think that the Go Team Foam Finger is a hilarious, fun, and useful craft for kids to make. They can cheer on your team, whether they know anything about sports or not, in the cutest way when they make their cheering hand enormous. Watching the game as a family will be much more pleasant and enjoyable when everybody is in on the action.

Other Sporty Decorative Crafts for Kids:

Football Player Toilet Roll Man
Sports Hanging Decor
Football Centerpiece
Home Run Bookends
Baseball Party Centerpieces


Do you enlist your kids in sports activities or do you wait for them to ask?

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  1. Chris Wooten says

    Our kids are grown now but they always came to us with what sports they wanted to play. They played in all the school sports.

  2. Adrienne says

    I’m not the greatest cook, but it never ceases to amaze me how even simple recipes can be turned into something incredibly creative. For instance I never would have thought to put fruit leather on a cake! The soccer ball looks too cool though. With some food recipes, I’m disappointed that the picture of the final result isn’t like the object its designed to resemble. Maybe these are fairly simple, yet I’m still impressed. These are definitely fun recipes for a sports party or kids’ birthday.

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