Realistic HDR Lighting & Dynamic Shadows with Next-Gen 3D Graphics

Advanced realism for complete immersion.

By supporting the latest in next generation rendering techniques, Visual3D Game Engine brings stunning visual quality and realism to the 3D games and simulations it powers. This enables developers to create applications that provide the highest levels of immersion possible for their players.










High fidelity animation systems

Visual3D Game Engine supports high performance animations for both vehicular and humanoid objects with animation blending for a smooth look when transitioning between animations.






Weather & Environmental Effects

Visual3D Game Engine's environmental system provides robust support for realistic environmental conditions.
    Environmental System Features
  • Weather particles such as rain, snow, and dust which can be affected by the direction of simulated wind.
  • Varying fog levels for simulation of varying visibility levels with upcoming support for isolated pockets of reduced visibility.
  • Upcoming support for a dynamic skybox which includes: volumetric clouds, day/night cycles, and accurate star maps based upon world position.
  • High quality water supporting waves, reflection, refraction, and more.
  • Underwater screen effects such as camera distortion and bubbles.


Particle Systems For Real World Effects

Visual3D Game Engine supports a wide range of particle types and effects and allows the user to easily customize those effects to their needs. Common effects for ground, water, and air simulations such as dust trails, airplane contrails, afterburners, explosions, and water particles are all available the Visual3D Game Engine toolset. All particles can be fully customized through Visual3D Game Engine's particle editor.




High Realism Through Next Generation Rendering

Visual3D Game Engine’s next generation rendering system supports a wide variety of cutting edge visual effects that allow highly realistic environments to be created.


  • Dynamic Lighting Systems - Support for diffuse, specular, and emissive light from any type of source including point lights, directional lights, and spotlights.
  • Mapping Effects for Realistic Looking In-Game Objects - Add visual effects such as roughness, reflections, and specialized lighting to in-game objects via Visual3D Game Engine’s mapping system. Normal mapping, environment mapping, reflection mapping, and steep parallax mapping are all supported.
  • Screen Effects - Visual3D Game Engine provides advanced screen effect systems allows the application of HDR Lighting, Motion Blur, Specular Bloom, Underwater Effects, and more.
  • Real-Time Shadows - Visual3D Game Engine provides realistic shadow effects that include real-time shadows from spot & directional lights, soft shadows, and distance based shadow fade outs.