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Frequently asked questions

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Getting started

"I want a church wedding - where do I start?"

"Can I get married in any church I want?"

"I'm not christened and I don't go to church. Can I still have a church wedding?"

"My partner belives in God but I'm not sure. Would I be hypocritical to marry in church?"

"Can couples of the same sex marry in church?"

Finding a church

"How do I find a church to get married in?"

"We have no connections to a particular church - can I still get married there?"

"How do I find our parish church for our banns?"

Deciding a date

"How do I book a church?"

"Can we marry on any day of the week including Sunday?"

"Can we marry on Christmas day, Easter day, or other national holidays?"

Planning essentials

"How much does it cost to get married in church?"

"What are the legal requirements?"

"Is marriage preparation compulsory for a church wedding?"

Choices about the ceremony

"Can we write our own vows in a church wedding?"

"Can a Vicar from a different church do our wedding?"

"How much can we be involved in planning the wedding ceremony?"

"Is there a minimum age for the witnesses at our wedding?"

"Can same sex couples have a blessing after a civil wedding?"

When there's more to consider

"What if one of us is a foreign national?"

"What if we're British but live abroad?"

"I'm divorced. Can I still get married in church?"

"I'm Church of England and he's a Catholic. Does that matter?"

Did You Know ?

If you marry abroad, you can come home to a church ceremony

If you're soon-to-be-married, you could be featured in The Times. Find out how.

MarriageĀ keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise

You are welcome to marry in a CofE church whatever your beliefs

A wedding is legal only if it happens between 8am and 6pm