Georgetown Basketball History: Team Captains
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 The oldest honor in Hoya Basketball history is the selection of the team captain. Whether selected by the team (in earlier years) or by the head coach, this list recognizes seven generations of team leaders for the sport at Georgetown.

1907-Harold Schumm
1908-Richard Downey
1909-Fred Rice
1910-James Colliflower
1911-Frank Schlosser
1912-Frank Gibson
1913-Roy Waldron
1914-Roy Waldron
1915-Harry Kelly
1916-Matt Donnelly
1917-Bob O'Lone
1918-Bob O'Lone
1919-Fred Fees
1920-Bill Dudack
1921-Jack Flavin
1922-Joe O'Connell
1923-Andy Zazzali
1924-George Carney
1925-Al Brogan
1926-Pete Gitlitz
1927-Walter Hickey
1928-Bob Nork
1929-Fred Mesmer
1930-Fred Mesmer
1931-Walter Morris
1932-Dick King
1933-Johnny Crowley
1934-Tom Carolan
1935-Ed Hargaden
1936-Don Gibeau, Ben Zola
1937-Mike Petrosky
1938-Mike Petrosky
1939-Joe Murphy
1940-John Schmitt
1941-Irv Rizzi
1942-Buddy O'Grady
1943-Billy Hassett, Danny Kraus
1946-Ken Engles (Player-Coach)
1947-Danny Kraus
1948-Andy Kostecka
1949-Ray Corley
1950-Dick Falvey
1951-Danny Supkis
1952-Mike Vitale
1953-Bill Bolger, Hugh Beins
1954-Joe Carroll, Lou Gigante
1955-Game Captains
1956-Jack Walsh
1957-Game Captains
1958-John Clark, Ken Pichette
1959-Jim Oravec
1960-Ed Hargaden, Jr.
1961-Tom Coleman

1962-Paul Tagliabue
1963-Ed Lopata
1964-Jim Christy
1965-John Prendergast
1966-Jim Brown
1967-Jim Lyddy
1968-Dennis Cesar, Bruce Stinebrickner
1969-Jim Supple
1970-Charlie Adrion, Jim Higgins
1971-Bob Hannan, Don Weber
1972-Mike Laughna
1973-Game Captains
1974-Game Captains
1975-Jon Smith
1976-Jon Smith, Merlin Wilson
1977-Larry Long, Mike McDermott
1978-Derrick Jackson
1979-Steve Martin, Tom Scates
1980-John Duren, Craig Shelton
1981-Eric Floyd, Eric Smith, Ed Spriggs
1982-Eric Floyd, Eric Smith, Ed Spriggs
1983-Gene Smith
1984-Gene Smith
1985-Patrick Ewing
1986-Ralph Dalton, Michael Jackson
1987-Reggie Williams
1988-Ronnie Highsmith, Perry McDonald
1989-Charles Smith
1990-Dwayne Bryant, Sam Jefferson, Mark Tillmon
1991-Dikembe Mutombo
1992-Alonzo Mourning, Ronnie Thompson
1993-Joey Brown
1994-Joey Brown
1995-Don Reid
1996-Othella Harrington, Jerome Williams
1997-Cheikh Dia
1998-Boubacar Aw
1999-Joseph Touomou
2000-Rhese Gibson, Jameel Watkins
2001-Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje, Kevin Braswell
2002-Courtland Freeman, Kevin Braswell, Ryan Growney (mgr)
2003-Courtland Freeman, Victor Samnick, Mike Sweetney
2004-Courtland Freeman, Gerald Riley
2005-Game Captains
2006-Ashanti Cook, Jeff Green
2007-Tyler Crawford, Jeff Green
2008-T.Crawford, R.Hibbert, P.Ewing Jr., J. Wallace
2009-Jessie Sapp
2010-Chris Wright, Austin Freeman
2011-Chris Wright, Austin Freeman, Ryan Dougherty
2012-Jason Clark, Hollis Thompson
2013-Nate Lubick, Markel Starks
2014-Nate Lubick, Markel Starks
2015-Jabril Trawick, D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera

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