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The Knights ' Party Platform

The recognition that America was founded as a Christian nation.  

As James Madison, known as the "Chief Architect of the Constitution" stated; " We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves to control ourselves to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God."

The recognition that America was founded as a White nation.

America was born as an extension of White European heritage. Those who formed the very ideals that we cherish such as freedom of speech, trial by jury, innocent until proven guilty, free enterprise, etc. were of White European heritage. All of the early laws of the United States from its very inception restricted citizenship to White people and all of the early charters, laws, compacts, etc were signed into effect by White people.

Repeal the NAFTA and GATT treaties.

These "laws" given to us by the Democrats and Republicans is damaging to the American worker and will eventually put millions upon millions into desperate poverty.

Put America FIRST in all foreign matters

The first and only concern of our government should be for the citizens of the United States.

Stop all Foreign Aid Immediately

Hundreds of billions of dollars are sent overseas every year while our people remain in need, our schools need funding, our infrastructure needs rebuilding and our citizens fight to keep their bills paid. This money should be used to support the decaying Social Security and Medicare programs, to help send kids to college, and to rebuild our infrastructure. Keep American Taxes in America!

Cut off trade with countries that refuse to establish strict environmental laws.

We should promote a fair system that allows for a clean environment in our own country and does not interfere with the free enterprise system. We also promote an aggressive search for and use of non-polluting and clean energy sources such as solar energy.

Abolish ALL discriminatory affirmative action programs

The federal government has enacted programs and laws designed for the exclusive discrimination against those of White European ancestry. Promotions, hiring and scholarships should be based on ability and not upon a person's race

Put American troops on our border to STOP the flood of illegal aliens

America is being over run by illegal immigrants mostly from nonwhite countries who do not share the Christian European values of our nation's founders. Immigration should remain open to all White Christians throughout the world . There is not one single country that does not persecute it's White Christian citizens such as in South Africa where the violent crime against Whites is at an all time high. The entire reasoning behind the forming of America was to allow one place in the world where White Christians could live together in harmony without any outside interference from those of other religions or races.

Abolish all anti-gun laws and encourage every adult to own a weapon

The cure for crime in America is not take guns off the streets but to put more guns ON the streets. Violent criminals should be punished, but law abiding citizens should be allowed to defend their homes, business and families with out fear of the federal government treating them as the criminal.

Actively promote love and appreciation of our unique European (White) culture

We must recognize it as the bedrock of American liberty and self government.

Outlaw the purchase of American property and industry by foreign corporations and investors.

The land belongs to Americans and their posterity and should not be up for sale.

Drug testing for welfare recipients

We recognize that not everyone receiving assistance is on drugs, but those who are should not be receiving your tax money. Welfare should be for those who need it - not those who abuse it.

Repeal the Federal Reserve Act.

This illegally passed law gives control of our money to a private corporation. We must return to debt free money - interest free currency issued by Congress as prescribed in the U.S. Constitution.

Balance the budget

Just as any family must balance their budget so must the federal government. Accordingly all present federal debt owed to the criminal private Federal Reserve corporation should be canceled.

Rehabilitate our public school system.

We must remove the humanist influence in our schools and teach fact based curriculum to further the students knowledge not someone's opinion. Parents should have the option of private or home schooling if they prefer and students should be free to practice their Christian faith in the classroom.

A flat income tax should be introduced to allow for the funding of community, state and federal projects.

This should be the one and only tax allowed. It is the only fair way to collect revenue and does not discriminate against any economic class.

Abortion should be outlawed except to save the mother's life or in case of rape or incest.

While we stress the need for a moral and Christian lifestyle, we applaud those women who choose to give life when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Furthermore, we recognize a woman's right to self-defense. While occurances are rare, a woman should not be forced to carry a rapist's seed to fruition.

We support the death penalty for those convicted of molestation and rape

The only way to put an end to this cycle of abuse is to stop the sexual abuser once and for all.

We support a national law against the practice of homosexuality

This is a Christian nation and the Bible condemns homosexual activity and the perversion of our society which it encourages.

We support the placing of all persons HIV positive into national hospitals

While the AIDS virus is almost inclusive to homosexuals and those not of European ancestry, many innocent people have contacted the virus. Despite the moral character of a person, the virus is still highly contagious with new and deadlier forms coming out constantly. Everyone who gets it dies! Aids carriers should receive proper medical care while a cure is being researched. This is the only way to stop the spread of the disease. They should be kept from coming into contact with uninfected people.

Restoring individual freedom to Christian America.

People should be allowed to hire who they want, live where they want and practice the Christian faith as they please. Likewise people should be able to sell to whom they want , rent to whom they want and socialize and conduct business with who they want. The government should not interfere with the everyday lives of white Christian Americans.

We support the voluntary repatriation of everyone not satisfied with living under White Christian rules of conduct back to the native lands of their people

The brightest and best minds of all races will be able to run their own affairs without outside interference. To support their efforts we should provide the financial and technological resources needed for a limited period of time in the building or rebuilding of their independent nations. After that their success or failure is totally up to them.

Everyone who can work should work

A workfare program should be established to assist those who need help for a limited time. Furthermore we recognize that with an end to the insane economic policies which are currently engaged in this country, many families would not be forced into the welfare system in the first place.

We support a return to parental authority without government interference in the raising of our children

We want to see the National Education Association and the Child protective agencies put out of business. Child abusers should receive corporal punishment - if they abuse their children then they should fear the law. However, today too many freedoms are being taken away from parents in the so called name of " child protection". Child destruction is their real goal!

We respect the right of homeowners and that no one should ever be forced from their home for the non payment of taxes

We support state sovereignty resolutions

Each state should be able to officially declare that any power of law not directly given to the federal government by the constitution can be nullified by the state congress. We furthermore recognize that the 10th Amendment means that the federal government was created by the states to be an agent of the states instead of the states being an agent of the federal government.

We advocate a strong defense department to safeguard American citizens

We believe that the defense dept. should consist of volunteers of both men and women with women being excluded from combat positions. Furthermore we believe that the defense departments sole mission should be to defend our borders and not those of any other country or nation including the interference into their private affairs.

We support all U.S. veterans

We should find those that are missing and take care of those who have come home.



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