Development & Production Outsourcing Services: Offshore and U.S.

In many cases, customers need more than just technology, they need solutions. Through our experience and strong track record in providing these solutions to our customers, Realmware is able to provide a diverse set of service offerings that can provide you with the advantages that will help your project succeed.

Our offerings include:

  • Full implementation of 3D simulations, visualizations, and games to specification.
  • 3D engine customization/enhancement and custom tool devleopment.
  • Content development and integration services including 3D asset development, terrain database development, specialized AI development, and more.
  • Integration of 3rd party middleware such as learning management systems, VOIP clients, custom networking clients, and more.
  • Integration of Visual3D Game Engine based simulations into complex simulation architectures through HLA, DIS, or CIGI interfaces
  • Upgrading the graphics engine of existing simulations to Visual3D Game Engine's high fidelity rendering engine.
Project Implementation

Realmware provides full and partial implementation of simulation and game systems from initial technical specifications to final acceptance. Whether you are looking to have specific components of your simulation or game developed or are looking to outsource the entire development, Visual3D Game Engine's team of technology and simulation experts can help you achieve your goal.

Product Customization and Enhancement

Products sometimes have unique requirements and development processes that necessitate the development of extra features and tools into the Visual3D Game Engine platform. To overcome these challenges, Realmware offers product customization services to build these features for you. At the outset of the product customization process, consultants from our development team will evaluate your needs and establish working specifications and a quote for the features you need.

Content Development and Integration

For users that need to integrate special content into their simulation or game, Realmware provides custom content development and integration services. Through a wide variety of in-house specialists, Realmware is able to offer the development and integration of content such as 3D models, terrain data, GIS data, AI libraries and more into your application

Integration of 3rd Party Technology Components

Some applications require special 3rd party technologies such as VOIP clients, learning management systems, specialized networking systems, simulation engines and more. Through a robust plugin architecture within Visual3D Game Engine, Realmware can quickly integrate any 3rd party technology you need into your simulation or game

Simulation Integration

Many simulations are composed of multiple applications interacting with each other through specialized interfaces. Visual3D Game Engine has been designed to integrate into these multi-application simulation architectures through DIS, HLA, and CIGI protocols. If your simulation requires integration, our team can help.

Rendering Engine Upgrades

If you have an existing game or simulation with less than desirable rendering capability and need to upgrade your graphics engine to an engine with high fidelity rendering & terrain capabilites, Realmware can help by migrating your application to the Visual3D Game Engine graphics engine.

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On-Demand Professional Support

All support provided to our clients is "On-Demand". This means that whenever you need support, you get direct attention from our product development team. Whenever an issue arises our development team will immediately respond to your issue and provide a prompt resolution. Most requests are resolved same-day.

Interactive Support

Interactive support provides clients direct access to Realmware's development team. When you enroll in a support agreement, you are provided access to a dedicated consultant on our team who will handle all of your support issues. Each consultant is extremely knowledgeable about the Visual3D Game Engine platform and has access to the entire Realmware development team, so no matter what your issue, it can be solved. All consultants also have on-demand availability and can generally solve each issue same-day. Due to this flexibility, you can make use of our consultants simply as occasional resources or as much as any other dedicated member of your team.

Community Support

Visual3D Game Engine has a large community of users that actively contribute user-created documentation of Visual3D Game Engine through publicly available forums and a community wiki. Through this, there are broad set of issues and applications of Visual3D Game Engine that have been documented and are available to all customers free of charge. All customers (prospective and current) are encouraged to visit the Visual3D Game Engine community wiki and participate in the usage and development of user-contributed documentation.

Product Training

For customers who want professional help in becoming quickly fluent in developing high fidelity 3D applications, Realmware provides professional product training. Through a set of step by step courses taught by Realmware team members, customers will learn how to apply the full power of Visual3D Game Engine's core application development technology to their needs. Since each customer has a specific set of needs, customers receive a training package that is suited to their unique situation.

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