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Speakers: very good value and very good performance 

www.aespeakers.com/  John J is back and in full production
There is a forum for AE Speakers, here's a LINK

www.FiCarAudio.com  Scott and company been designing drivers for a long time. When ordering ask him to optimize your drivers for IB use. IB Cult forum members get a discount when buying 4 drivers.
    There is a forum for Fi Car Audio here's a LINK

www.istonline.ca/  These maybe the best deal going for those living in Canadia.
 There is a forum for Mach 5, here's a LINK

www.PartsExpress.com: The 600lb gorilla of DIY audio
     There is a forum for Parts Express, here's a LINK

www.stereointegrity.com/  Not new to car audio buffs but new to IB users, Stereo Integrity is offering 15"s & 18"s

Amplifiers: Note these are fan cooled pro-sound amps and the fans are loud. Those wanting quieter fan cooled pro-sound amps should look to the Samson brand. 

Nady XA 900 at MusiciansFriend.com  
Here's some info discussion about changing out the cooling fans for quieter units. There's more amp quieting info in THIS Thread

Here's a brief description of the fan mod.

A) I had to cut the pos/neg wires because the fans I bought didn't have the right connectors to connect to the PCB on the amp itself. I then soldered the wires and appropriately insulated the connections.

B) The fans I purchased were from my local Micro-Center store. 25MM computer fans. I found the models with ball bearings, as I didn't want the sleeve bearings to fail in a year or so, as typically happens.

C) The fans I picked out have a 25/26dB noise rating, much, much lower than the stock Nady fans.

Fan manufacturer: Cooler Master
Fan model #: SAF-B83
Fan size: 80 x 80 x 25mm
Rated voltage: 12V
Rotation speed: 2,500 RPM
Acoustical Noise: 26 dB(A)
Life expectancy: 50,000 hours

D) I can only hear a very slight amount of fan noise when I get within 2 feet of the amp. Again, it's a very slight noise.

E) The fans do a more than adequate job of pushing the heat off of the heat sinks for the amp. My Nady never even gets slightly warm and stays cool all the time.

Other Amplifiers: passively cooled

BKA-1000-4A  Google or check Amazon for the best prices. Although these are being used for subs, the company doesn't recommend them for that purpose. Tests of their output and distortion show why....LINK

Other Amplifiers: fan cooled, with loud fans

  Behringer EP-1500/2000 at zZounds.com
  Behringer EP-2500/4000 at MusiciansFriend.com

Although missing a couple of pictures, HERE'S a link to an interesting review of a EP-2500

Here's a link to Chuck W.'s website for quieting down the cooling fan on either the EP1500 or EP2500

PLEASE NOTE: The big DIP switch on the back of the EP-1500/2500 amps have  +/- marks molded into plastic housing. On some amps these molded in markings are opposite the settings that are screened in graphic on the back of the amp. 

If you're using one of these amps and you don't think you're getting enough low frequency output CHECK THE POSITION of the selector switches on the back of the amp.

DIP switches #3 & #8 need to be turned OFF, since there is confusing information as to which position is OFF, try both positions. In one position there's going to be a lot more bass than the other. 

When #3 & #8 are OFF, it doesn't matter what position the 30Hz/50Hz switches (#2 & # 9) are in since they're deactivated.



DIY outboard phase controller PCB is available from Rod Elliot, it's his Project 103

DIY outboard /subsonic rumble filter PCB is available from Rod Elliot, it's his Project 99

For convenience and cost savings these can share a chassis and power supply. _________________________________________________________________________________________

Parametric Equalizers: 

1 )Behringer DSP1124P  currently available for $99 almost everywhere. 10 stereo channels each with 12 filters
2) Behringer FBQ2496   easier to program than the 1124. One stereo set of channels with 20 filters/channel

Stand alone testing units

For those people that don't want to bother with using a PC based testing system, the Behringer DEQ2496 UltraCurve Pro is a compact all-in-one unit. It doesn't include a mic, so use one of the mics described below.

Measurement Microphones: 

1) Behringer ECM-8000 at zZounds.com
2) Nady CM-100  at Musicansfriend.com

3) Parts Express has multiple mics on THIS page

Mic calibration  services are available from those listed below

Kim Girardin
Wadenhome Sound
1400 Homer Rd. Suite 2
Winona, MN, 55987, USA
Phone: 507-454-8844
E-mail: kmgrdn@luminet.net

 Cross·Spectrum Labs 
 P.O. Box 90842 
 Springfield, MA 01139

Here's a LINK to a generic .cal file for the ECM8000, this should be usable for the Nady CM-100 since they're the same mic

Mic preamp w/ phantom power 

1) Rolls MP13 Mini-Mic $60 at Music123.com


1) TrueRTA is a great measurement program for the beginner. The program contains a generic .cal file for the Behringer ECM-8000

2) ETF 5.0 is a much more powerful and therefore more complex measurement program. To assist those brave souls wanting to play with ETF 5.0, I uploaded the Tag-Mclaren 33 page "ETF Room EQ Case study" it's available at this LINK 

3) Room EQ Wizard is a great freeware program. It supports exporting settings for some models of the Behringer 1124P and all the FBQ2496 equalizers using a MIDI interface. 

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