Family History Library Snapshot Day: A Day in Service to All Patrons

Celebrating the wonderful service that libraries provide their patrons, on April 12 the Family History Library participated in Library Snapshot Day.

The event was held as part of national Library Week, as well as a combined Utah library initiative called “One Day in the Life of Utah Libraries,” sponsored by the Utah Library Association (ULA), Utah Educational Library Media Association, Utah Academic Library Consortium, and the Utah State Library Division. During this week, the entire library community across Utah and the United States was invited to record with stories, photographs, and statistics the incredible value that libraries bring to their patrons.

Libraries come in all sizes and shapes and serve many different types of patrons. There are academic libraries for students of all ages, public libraries in communities throughout the world, bookmobiles to aid those in remote areas, school libraries for the younger generations, and special libraries like medical, law, genealogy, and so many others established to provide knowledge and guidance to those who visit and wish to learn.

The recording of the impact that libraries have on a community and its patrons is important to all who support their libraries. It is like providing a report to library supporters wherever they may be. Documenting vital services in combination with everyday statistics provides proof of their worth to the communities that support them.

The photographs that were taken in libraries during Library Week were uploaded to Flickr. The photos of libraries in Utah that participated in these fun activities can be seen in Flickr under “Utah Libraries Snapshot 2011” at

In addition, the Family History Library has created its own Flickr page to record not only the photos and events of Snapshot Day, but also future happenings at the FHL. The page is available at

Look for more fun activities at the Family History Library as we move into the warmer months ahead and provide more resources for patrons of all ages.

Photo courtesy of the Family History Library Flickr Photostream created for “One Day in the Life of Utah Libraries.”

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