You planted the seeds and laid foundation for your digital footprint. Now you are wondering how to cultivate and nurture in order reap the rewards of your efforts

…We have the answer.

Our Thinking

Is about your customer….and creating the ultimate customer experience

Through digital technology, people are redefining their relationships with brands and businesses – on their own terms! Whether an established brand, a growing business, a start-up or a nonprofit organization, people expect content and experiences that resonate.

We help you do just that

How We Do It

We have worked with large, global organizations, and bring that experience and know-how to your organization to create an experience that will not only help you become socially-relevant but that deliver lasting results.

Drawing on tried and true methodologies, our connections to major technology companies and our knowledge of online behavior, we help you create programs that support long-term strategies.

What We do

We roll-up our sleeves and work with you to understand your needs, uncover insights and identify opportunities.

Whether working with your in-house staff, your agencies or reaching into our own network of like-minded strategic and creative partners, we work with you to develop approaches that will not only nurture your business, but that ultimately help you build your brand.

We can help

We help you reach your audiences today with captivating content and engaging digital experiences and prepare you for tomorrow’s opportunities.


Helping YOU create meaningful digital experiences to build your business

Strategic Direction

We design integrated digital portfolios that create harmonious brand experiences for diverse audiences through social, mobile and more conventional digital platforms.

  • Brand Portfolio Assessment
  • Customer Experience Evaluation
  • Digital Footprint Development
  • Digital Outreach
  • Digital Technology
  • Research & Analysis

Cultural Readiness

We help your organization gain the skills needed to manage digital initiatives that meet the needs of your customers.

  • Change Management
  • Leadership Communication
  • Organizational Design
  • Policies & Guidance
  • Training & Education


We work with you to manage the execution and development of your programs to ensure success and longevity.

  • Collective Collaboration
  • Custom Programs
  • Hands-on management
  • Technology Prototyping

Freshly Minted


Our mission is to cultivate engaging and socially-relevant digital presences for our clients that deliver lasting results.

We bring our big brand experience to your organization without the big agency cost.

Meet the Team

We put the needs of your customers at the forefront of all that we do.


Kara Blasco Managing Partner

Through experience, creative thinking, inspiration and a passion for all things digital, Kara has influenced and supported organizations and teams for over 20 years. By identifying opportunities, stretching boundaries and embracing challenge, Kara creates and shapes programs that offer meaningful customer experiences, engagement, and encourage loyalty. Industries: consumer products and services, arts & entertainment, publishing, holistic health & wellness, well-being, non-profits, and more.


Marc Monseau Managing Partner

Marc has spent almost 20 years devising new ways to reach, engage and influence people through digital channels. Marc’s varied career includes serving as an analyst for a London-based market research group, reporting for the International news organization, Bloomberg Business News, working within the communications team at Johnson & Johnson, and, most recently as, Principal/Founder of MDM Communications.


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