The Marion Woodman Foundation and the BodySoul Approach

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The Marion Woodman Foundation
The Marion Woodman Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded to ensure the work initiated in BodySoul Rhythms® Intensives, created by Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton, and Ann Skinner, continues and flourishes. This team of three women worked collaboratively for three decades developing and refining the BodySoul approach.

The Body Soul Approach
The Body Soul Approach is based on the belief that psyche and soma are inseparable and must be worked on together to become more conscious. The unique integration of mind and body, soul and spirit, incorporates working with dreams and imagery together with body and voice in a powerful way while honoring the uniqueness of each individual.

The roots of this work grew out of a deep respect for dreams, C.G. Jung's understanding of the psyche, the great wisdom of the body, and Marion Woodman's passionate commitment to articulating the sacred feminine and the embodied soul.

BodySoul Programs
The core of this work is the exploration of dreams, movement, voice, masks, creative expression, and ritual. The safety of the temenos (sacred space) created in the structure and format of the programs allows the healing of old wounds and the emergence of new energies. We pursue the inner marriage as we honor the positive feminine in our bodies and the positive masculine in our creatve pursuits.

The Marion Woodman Foundation offers two types of programs:  Core Programs and BodySoul Community Workshops. Both are vital to fulfilling the mission of the Foundation and supporting the growth of BodySoul work in the world. A definition and description of these programs follows:


CORE PROGRAMS consist primarily of the intensives developed by Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton and Ann Skinner. There is a specific curriculum that has been refined over several decades. Core Programs are based on the psychology of C.G. Jung, Marion Woodman's BodySoul work and articulation of the sacred Feminine, Mary Hamilton's body work, Ann Skinner's voice work, and the mask work adapted from their combined background in the theater. Core programs integrate these disciplines into a cohesive educational program.


Lectures are combined with experiential exercises in an intensive format to allow participants a deep embodied understanding and experience of this work. Marion compares a BodySoul Rhythms® intensive to an initiation. The length and structure of the intensive facilitates the initiatory aspect.


The Marion Woodman Foundation has trademarked this material in this format in the form of BodySoul Rhythms® and Marion Woodman Foundation Intensives®.  BodySoul Rhythms® indicate programs taught specifically by Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton, and Ann Skinner. Intensives with this curriculum, structure and format are called Marion Woodman Foundation Intensives® and are taught by instructors who are hired to teach for the Foundation. Both are referred to as BodySoul Programs. These are the Foundation's Core Programs.


These programs are taught by experienced and qualified teachers in each of the three disciplines. For detailed information about instructor qualifications, see About Our Faculty. (For detailed information about instructor qualifications, see About Our Faculty on this website.)


There are seminars and workshops designed to supplement the intensives, taught by core faculty, and approved the MWF Curriculum Committee. Previous BodySoul Intensives are prerequisite.


BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training - The main purpose of Leadership Training is to enhance the professional work and expertise already undertaken by the women participating. The training is designed for women who have already completed three or more BodySoul Rhythms® Intensives. The intention is to train and prepare participants to apply BodySoul work in their own areas of professional expertise. For example, some choose to create and teach BodySoul Community Workshops. Others incorporate BodySoul work into the fields in which they are already engaged, including therapy and bodywork, in a wide range of specialty areas. Some undertake Leadership Training as personal growth and development. Currently the Leadership Training Program is undergoing revision. For those who are interested, please watch the website where future training programs will be published.


BODYSOUL COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS are created and led by women who have completed the Leadership Training Program. These leaders were accomplished professionals in their own right before undertaking Leadership Training which enhanced and deepened their current or evolving work. The content of these workshops includes a wide range of areas, from body based experience, through the arts, all within a Jungian-oriented psychological framework.


BodySoul Community Workshops enjoy the support of the Marion Woodman Foundation through publicity, a leader-chat group for mutual encouragement and idea sharing, as well as referrals. BodySoul Workshops are offered in Europe, across Canada, in Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and throughout the United States. The women who teach them administer them privately. (See BodySoul Workshops on this website.)


Please see the list of programs offered, including course descriptions, faculty bios, and complete logistical details.

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