The NCC is a research core facility of the VCU Office of Research and located in the Institute for Engineering and Medicine. The NCC is also a partnership between the VCU School of Engineering and the VCU College of Humanities and Sciences. As a core research facility, resources and services are available by contract to not only university faculty but industry as well.


The NCC offers technologies that benefit multi-disciplinary industrial and scholarly research in a broad range of sciences to modify, manipulate or tailor the surface, size, or shape of a particular material.


With the NCC you gain access to over $11 million in sophisticated materials characterization equipment and analytical services unique to the mid-Atlantic region.


Capabilities Include:



-Imaging of samples using electron, optical, or x-ray methods

-Elemental mapping of structural features

-Complete surface analysis

-Chemical mapping

-Depth profiling

-Elemental Speciation

-Surface Roughness

-Variety of sample preparation tools

Nanomaterials Core Characterization Facility

620 West Cary Street

Richmond, Virginia 23284

Director: Everett E Carpenter, Ph.D.


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