Rachel Goes Rogue

Turns Out I Don’t Need a “Home” — My Choice to Become Location Independent

This may sound a bit crazy…but today I woke up and was sure of one thing — I don’t want a traditional “home” anymore. I’ve always dreamt of being free like the wind, able to fly to where ever seems most interesting to me at the drop of a hat. And then it occured to me…I can have that life and it’s completely within my reach. I can even make it happen while I’m in Bali, Indonesia!

I leapt out of bed and did my usual “happy dance.” You probably have one too. It’s the “I don’t care who is watching, flail my arms around wildly, jump up and down, make some crazy sounds and shake my hips like a maniac” dance. I’ve been doing my happy dance spontaneously every day this week — a sure sign I’m on the right path.

A few texts later and I had convinced my landlord to let me out of my year long lease with no penalties, found a place to store my car and reached out to my friends and family for support in dealing with moving details. And just like that…I am free. The rest is just logistics.

The most surprising part is how calm I feel. It’s the total opposite of how I usually make decisions. (I’ve struggled with anxiety for many years and typically run myself into the ground trying to tame a herd of ridiculous worst-case scenario thoughts before agonizingly commiting to a choice).

I’m so proud of myself for trusting my intution and taking yet another massive leap of faith. Well, I gotta run. There’s an infinity pool party overlooking the jungle waiting for me. I can’t believe I’m finally living my dream!!!