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Qualcomm acquisition continues health data integration parade


There’s more news on the data aggregation front.

Qualcomm Life, the health and life sciences subsidiary of communications giant Qualcomm, has purchased medical device and health IT integrator Capsule Technologie for an undisclosed sum. San Diego-based Qualcomm said that Andover, Massachusetts-based Capsule Tech, which serves more than 1,900 hospitals in 38 countries, will advance the cause of tracking the health of patients outside of traditional healthcare settings.

Capsule CEO Gene Cattarina said that his company’s technology will help shift care away from the hospital by drawing in data from many sources, including ambulatory electronic health records and home-based medical devices. “Together, Qualcomm Life and Capsule will power this convergence by making data more accessible and interoperable among care teams to provide true continuity of care at the hospital, in the home and at all points in between,” he said in a statement.

“The acquisition of Capsule expands the breadth of our healthcare platform, enabling us to provide connectivity solutions for the entire care continuum and create one of the world’s largest connected health ecosystems. This will be an important step in advancing the Internet of Medical Things,” added Qualcomm President Derek Aberle.

Qualcomm’s announcement comes amidst a parade of news in the realm of health data aggregation — appropriately, the same month as MedCity CONVERGE.

Sept. 2, Salesforce unveiled Health Cloud to help care providers manage patient relationships. Last week, IBM announced that it was creating a world headquarters for Watson Health in Cambridge, Mass., introducing products called IBM Watson Health Cloud for Life Sciences Compliance and IBM Watson Care Manager, and integrating its AI platform with Apple’s ResearchKit.

We have it on good authority that another data aggregator will make an announcement Tuesday in the realm of population health management, but we are not allowed to say anything until then.

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