TOP 10 in Kosice

Wheter you come for a business trip or a short break Kosice are here to offer you an amazing experience and make you want to come back. Here are ten tips for your trip...

Guide to Hlavna Street

Hlavna from sky
Hlavná ulica, literally translated as the Main Street, is the hearth of Kosice and, most importantly, it is the oldest part of the city.
Since there are many interesting spots you would not want to overlook, this guide is here to help you not to miss the essentials.

Visit Košice

City in the middle of Europe, close to many European borders, and with the elegance of a modern European city. Place where history, modern art, sport and night life meets and creates an atmosphere you will want to experience over and over again. It is not easy to see everything you should not miss when visiting the city for a short period of time, whether on a vacation or during a business trip. We created this site to help you to get to know Kosice, find accommodation, do sight-seeing, enjoy amazing Slovak beer and tasty food as well as experience the vibrant night-life.

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