Puredata sound tutorials

Practical synthetic sound design in Pd

The material assumes a basic knowledge of Pd and synthesis but is also suitable for beginners. There are currently about 20 examples in this series of web based tutorials. Significantly updated and improved versions of these and dozens of other sound effects tutorials are now available in a 650 page textbook called "Designing Sound". Read the online practical synthesis guide here.

Rapid sound DSP for games using OSC

A quick tutorial on using Open Sound Control (liblo) to get control parameters for game sound prototyping. liblo+Pd.

Recent papers and writing

Synthetic game audio with Puredata.

For Audio Mostly 2007 in Ilmenau, Germany my paper outlining the methods of prototyping DSP for real-time client-side execution in an object/scene based way. Some mention of dynamic level of detail methods, computational cost analysis, code translation via Faust. A summary of the poster and a brief conference report

Efficient synthetic footsteps from biomechanical analysis.

For Puredata conference 2007 in Montreal, Canada 2007 workshops Very cheap footfall sounds with realistic patterns using a mixture of granular synthesis and curves stitched together from analysis of GRF in homonid bipedal motion. This takes a closer look at how subtle phase and pressure changes happen as we crawl, walk or run and how these are manifest in the sound of footsteps. Could use a better synthesiser, but the point of this is to demonstrate the theory of generating the control data. Procedural synthetic footsteps for video games and animation..

Study of procedural audio for games and interative applications.

Written for Karen Collins site Gamessound.com An attempt to define procedural audio in the context of many other kinds of computer music and sound like "generative music", "algorithmic music", "AI composition" and so forth - plus an analysis of how it fits into games as an alternative to using sampled sounds. References to several other bibliographies and researchers. Proc Audio.

Overview of real-time client synthetic sound for games.

Here's a paper given for Sounding Out 2006 at Sunderland. It summarises my vision of a synthetic sound engine for games applications closely integrated to physics computation, and discusses the issues and problems facing the designers of this kind of software. SO3 2006 "Sound synthesis for games and multi-media applications".


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