Thousands of Moroccans stage new protests to demand political change

By The Associated Press – 1 day ago

RABAT, Morocco — Several thousand protesters have staged protests in cities around Morocco to demand more political changes.

A participant said that a group of fewer than 5,000 protesters organized a march through a working-class neighbourhood of the capital Rabat to call for constitutional reforms and new parliamentary elections.

The state news agency MAP says around 4,500 demonstrators also marched in Casablanca.

The protests were organized by the February 20 movement, which has led protests for the past two months, with support from Morocco's best-known Islamist movement, Adl wal Ihsan, which is barred from politics in the kingdom.

King Mohammed VI has pledged changes to the constitution for the first time in 15 years, amid a push for greater democracy across the Arab world.

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