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1 Overview

The Fuji Patch 2 release provides fixes for the Fuji release. For more information about how to upgrade your instance, see Requesting an Upgrade.

For the Fuji Patch 2 release:

Build date: 03-16-2015_1403
Build tag: glide-fuji-12-23-2014__patch2-03-11-2015
Note: To check the version on your instance, see Checking Your Release Version.

2 Fixed in this Release

Category Problem Short Description
Authentication PRB621377 IdP-initiated login not working with Multi SSO and user gets redirected to login page
Change Management PRB590630 Filter condition on maintenance schedule form only runs case sensitive value when searching for CI's that requires maintenance.
Chat PRB623147 Chat session on ESS portal replaces apostrophe with "&#39" in the box header
CMDB PRB614207 CI forms can load slowly and may cause a node out-of-memory condition if they include a CI Relations formatter and that CI has many downstream relationships
CMDB PRB624368 Outage CI relationship breaks the CI relation tree view on the form
CMS PRB624469 When loading a CMS page many scripts are removed from the page by the layout java code
Core Platform PRB621415 SNRegExp may cause stack overflow exceptions for regular expressions, which causes catastrophic backtracking
Email PRB606858 Live feed email notifications contain invalid URLs
Email PRB624749 SMTP Sender Job throws null pointer exceptions when no table shards are available on sys_email
Email PRB624932 Unbroken lines of text not wrapping in email activity section
Import / Export PRB622226 sys_status table grows large due to an LDAP Listener, causing xmlstats to be a large payload with poor performance
Integrations PRB622299 Get_Lat_Long business rule not working
List Rendering PRB583235 Three New buttons display on Audit Records related list
List Rendering PRB605841 Cannot remove Live Feed icon from List View header
List Rendering PRB623501 Activity Stream icon is missing in list view in Internet Explorer 9
List Rendering PRB624696 List filter fails when two module filters are applied
Mobile PRB620676 Choice List options with 'is/is not' do not consistently display with Dependent fields on Mobile filters
Online Alter PRB604018 Temp table not dropped when Online Alter fails due to too large row size error
Performance Analytics PRB616199 Widgets in a Breakdown source dashboard do not know which breakdown to follow if an indicator has more than one breakdown that shares the same breakdown source.
Performance Analytics PRB621841 "Add Query Index Hint" to subqueries on pa_scores table no longer working
Performance Analytics PRB624336 Domain separation issues in Scoresheet
Performance Analytics PRB624680 Robust javascript for angular code #NotMerged
Persistence PRB624019 Online alter can swap table if original/source triggers are manually dropped during a copy
Platform Miscellaneous PRB624387 Clicking Help icon renders blank page upon first instance log-in
Platform Outage PRB624560 Node doesn't back online after upgrade to Fuji
Platform Security PRB625215 When placing a REST call to an instance and requesting an image field along with others, the instance throws a "ConcurrentModificationException" error
Project Management PRB623213 Gantt chart relationships update slowly when there are a large number of relationships in a project
Project Management PRB624561 Resource Console no longer works after personalizing list layout on the Resource Plans list and removing the End date column from the list
Reporting PRB623697 Reporting home page does not show properly when French language is selected
Reporting PRB624664 Not all charts load in Internet Explorer 10 on homepage with 10+ custom charts
Reporting PRB625153 Clicking the Other category of a bar chart generates an incorrect URL without customer prefix
Security PRB616330 Cross-Site Scripting
Security PRB624315 Cross-Site Scripting
Server Side Scripting PRB625479 Instance inaccessible after upgrading to Fuji Patch 1
Server Side Scripting PRB626040 JSON.decode bug in scoped app
Service Catalog PRB618911 Problems with "Found In" widget when there is only one catalog
Service Catalog PRB623056 Read Only reference fields can be changed
Service Catalog PRB623955 Recursive ChoiceListGenerator calls can exhaust/throttle semaphores causing a node to become unresponsive
Service Catalog PRB624259 Adding an abort action on sc_cart_item slows the item's load time and sets the price to zero
Service Watch PRB625090
SCOM integration not working due to lack of SCOMclient2012.exe
SLA PRB575361 When an SLA definition uses a relative duration, "current" for the duration calculation is not consistently set
SLA PRB613726 SLA clock does not show the accurate value for the time field at the time when the SLA is achieved
SLA PRB623398 Simultaneous updates on the same Task can result in incorrect processing of the SLAs for that Task
Surveys PRB623780 Survey error if the properties glide.ui.escape_text and glide.ui.escape_all_script are set to true
System Applications PRB621896 Condition Builder not evaluated properly when using 'is different than' in order guide
System Applications PRB623997 Error when opening applications page after setting "glide.ui.escape_text" property to false
System Applications PRB624746 Unexpected package assignment for system metadata upon an upgrade of a legacy customer instance
Tables and Dictionary PRB624972 Changing new column name before submitting causes error
UI Policy/Client Script PRB604837 Customer-developed UI scripts can cause instance degradation/unavailability
UI Policy/Client Script PRB619944 Add Filter button on Edit Members page displays empty lists instead of filter
Update Sets PRB624534 Extra default update set after upgrading to Fuji
User Interface (UI) PRB622970 Module with a link type of HTML (from Arguments) displays a line break
User Interface (UI) PRB623552 Tab title in split layout for Incident list is truncated in Internet Explorer 10 and 11
User Interface (UI) PRB624406 Tabs appear distorted in Compact view only
User Interface (UI) PRB624619 The Time Worked field cannot be paused using Windows 7 and Mozilla Firefox
User Interface (UI) PRB624820 Icons that appear upon first log-in to UI15 are cut off on smaller screens
Visual Task Boards PRB622716 If the photo attached to a live_profile or sys_user record is a corrupt attachment, and if if that user is a member of a visual task board, the board will not display
Visual Task Boards PRB624428 Reference Qualifiers not honored on vtb_task records for assigned_to fields
Web Services PRB624723 Unable to retrieve a Scripted Web Service WSDL

3 Fixes Included from Previous Releases