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  1. As Zencastr isn't available we won't be recording the Burton & Scrooge podcast tonight. Bummer. Will try again tomorrow

  2. So I booked tickest to see SWTFA on 17th December at 9:30 AM. Still not that excited

  3. "Comlimentary differences". A great post about gaming, relationships & everything :)

  4. Well in the space of twenty minutes I've gone from indifferent to quite excited about recording tomorrows podcast

  5. Actually, I just pulled an idea out of my ass to talk about relationships & gaming on the next podcast. Grown up contributions welcome

  6. Ever flirt in an MMO or worse? You have 24 hours to confess all & feature in the next Burton & Scrooge podcast :)

  7. Is it mandatory when I go to the bank that the person in front of me always has to have the most tortuous and convaluted inquiries?

  8. Why is it that all other countries elections seem far more interesting than your own?

  9. The fashionably late Burton & Scrooge podcast. Are game clients getting too big? Web browsers!

  10. Due to the season Burton & Scrooge are moving from shirtless podcasting to sporting avuncular sweaters

  11. The fashionably late Burton & Scrooge podcast. Are game clients getting too big? Web browsers!

  12. It's been a busy week. Now to try & catch up with writing blog posts. Podcast should be out later today as well.

  13. The next Burton & Scrooge podcast will be available on Sunday evening

  14. I've had far too much happiness for one day. Time for some Witcher 3 :)

  15. I'll write a proper review of Suffragette later. In the meantime I will say it is a very good movie. If you can, go see it.

  16. MMO Loyalty. It's not always a benefical mindset

  17. The Ruins. A horror tale with an ecological theme. The unrated version has unpleasant scenes of leg trauma

  18. Started reading Edgar Rice Burrough's again. Very much an author of his time but still enjoyable

  19. The Burton & Scrooge Podcast. Update 17 Beta, Fruit & Veg, Updates plus Ask the Listeners

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