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Explore Top 7 Best Mattress Brands

Science has it that you spend an entire third of your life on your bed! Well, that’s quite a lot of time. What’s more? The experience you get in your bed goes on to affect every other activity you indulge in during the day. This therefore means that if you want to have a happy and successful day then you need to start it from your bed. How else can you make your day a success if not by having a night of comfort and relaxation?

Mattresses play a very great role in determining how your sleep will be. You should have a comfortable and relaxed sleep that will rejuvenate you. Nothing but the best mattress can assure you this kind of sleep. Most of the mattresses on store shelves will not live up to this. Therefore, you need to shop around for a mattress that will give you more than just a place to sleep on. Modern mattresses are formulated to sooth your pressure points and to get rid of any pressure points as you sleep.

This calls for wide ‘digging’ to ensure you get the right mattress. Different mattress brands come with different features. Those with the most attractive and healthier features will give you more comfort and help you relax. Here are the top 7 brands of mattress that are at the top of the mattresses to check out.

Top 7 Best Mattress Brands

Are you shopping for a comfortable and healthy mattress? Do you want to replace your mattress with an eco-friendly mattress? Comfort, durability, performance and price are the four major factors to consider when purchasing a mattress. Here are the top 7 brands of mattress that tick every box.

  1. Casper Mattress


If you have been in the market of late you might have heard of Casper Mattress. This is an online store that is bringing competition to older sales methods. This mattress is available online, however, if you live in New York you can visit the “Casper Apartments” store.

Casper Mattress comes with three layers. The top 1.5 inch layer is made of Dunlop latex foam while the 4 lb. middle 1.5 inch layer is made of memory foam. The base layer is 7 inches thick and is made of polyurethane foam. The top latex layer has met the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified while the two other layers are CertiPUR certified.

Casper Mattress is quite a bargain considering the many benefits that this brand brings you. By purchasing any Casper Mattress you get:

  • 85% owner satisfaction
  • Pain and pressure relief
  • Middle-range prices
  • USA constructed product

With Casper Mattress, you don’t need to spend your precious time haggling with salesmen at the stores. You just need to identify the mattress of your choice online, pay for it and wait for it to be delivered to your door step. This medium spectrum mattress has become a darling for many people. Its designed to give you comfort throughout the night and make sure that those pressure points are kept at bay.

  1. The Dreamfoam Bedding

The Dreamfoam Bedding

Or perhaps you want a brand that has been in the market for quite a long period of time. A brand that is well tested and proven to be a top quality brand. A brand that has won the hearts of many Americans. If this is the kind of a brand you are looking for, then the Dreamfoam bedding is the brand to go for. The Dreamfoam bedding is a brand that has won many hearts due to the high quality high performance mattresses that the company makes.

Dreamfoam bedding mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified. This means that your Dreamfoam mattress will have low indoor emission for air quality. These mattresses are made without the use of ozone depleting chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons.These mattresses have also been found to be free of mercury or PBDE retardants, lead or any other heavy metals.Dreamfoam mattresses have also been tested and approved for high performance and durability. CertiPUR-US test is usually the most rigorous test and this means that the mattresses have undergone the most rigorous test for Polyurethane foam.

Dreamfoam mattresses are more conforming unlike the traditional spring mattresses. These mattresses minimizes pressure points thus relieving discomfort. They also reduce tossing and turning as they are more comfortable thus ensuring a quality sleep.

Dreamfoam bedding comes with a great advantage over its competitors. These mattresses are 100% US made while most of the competing mattresses are China made. During shipping, Dreamfoam bedding gets compressed for lesser time than the competing brands that stay compressed for days. This helps to reduce amount of off gassing.

Dreamfoam bedding comes with a three layer design. The top 3 inch layer is made of gel memory foam. The middle 2 inch 5 lb. layer is made from memory foam and supports the top layer while it is in turn supported by an 8 inch high density high performance base layer.

One great technology that makes this mattress conform to every ones unique body weight and shape is the gel-infused memory foam. Besides conforming to your unique body weight and shape, gel infusion also helps the mattress maintaining body temperature so as to give you a relaxing sleep.

  1. Signature Sleep Mattress

Signature Sleep Mattress

Another top notch brand of mattress is the Signature sleep mattress. Signature sleep is one of the highly rated middle range priced mattress in the US. This brand has been in the market for quite a long period of time and has won the hearts of many American.

Signature sleep builds its mattresses on three main pillars:

  • Comfort and safety
  • Double layers
  • High density

Comfort and safety: signature sleep comes with a very soft and yet very breathable knit fabric cover. This cover has been tested and approved for federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 thus ensuring your safety is not compromised. Besides the cover, this brand has greatly invested in comfort to ensure you get the best sleep experience.

Double layers: signature sleep use Visco-Elastic technology in its mattresses. This technology is well known for its success in minimizing pressure points on your body. This makes this mattress a plus for your health as you will no longer suffer pains related to pressure points.

High density: whichever model of the signature sleep mattress you buy, you can rest assured that it comes handy with a high density foam. Signature mattress comes with a Poly-base foam which is charged with supporting you and cushioning you for decades to come.

There is a wide range of signature sleep mattresses to choose from. Signature sleep comes with mattresses for the entire family from baby mattresses to adult mattresses. You can get signature sleep mattresses on Amazon.com as well as other online shops, therefore, purchasing a Signature sleep mattress shouldn’t be a fuss.

  1. Memory Foam Solutions

Memory Foam Solutions

Another top 7 brands of mattresses is the Memory Foam Solutions. Memory Foam Solutions use polyurethane technology. Memory foam is usually polyurethane which is combined with some other chemicals which result into an increase in viscosity as well as the density of the mattress. The high density of the mattress is key to the high performance of the mattress. It is designed to react to the warm temperature of the body by softening and conforming to the shape of your body. This in return allows you to relax during your sleep. When you get up from the mattress, the mattress is quicker to re-shape itself into its original flat shape. This is one of the advantages of Memory Foam Solutions over other brands.

Memory Foam Solutions produces mattresses of different densities;

  • Low density memory foam
  • Medium density memory foam
  • High density memory foam

Low and medium density memory foams come with an expected lifespan of four years while the superior high density’s lifespan is six years. Regardless of the amount of density your mattress is, you can maximize it to obtain the maximum service from it. All you need to do is understand its characteristics and take care of it.

Memory foam solutions comes with a wide range of benefits to the user. Some of the positives you get by purchasing this brand include:

  • The mattress comes with an extra 2 inch of 5 pounds of memory foam that is designed to conform to your body shape
  • 100% made in USA using 100% USA raw materials
  • This mattress has been found to reduce pressure points which are the largest contributor for turning and tossing
  • Has a gel-like feeling as it is soft on your skin
  • It is more restful, supportive and comfortable especially in the pressure point areas.
  1. Sleep Innovations

Sleep Innovations

Anothertop brand of mattress worth checking out is the Sleep Innovations mattress. Sleep Innovations is another mattress manufacturer which has been credited for producing high quality mattresses.

Sleep Innovations has built its mattresses on one great pillar: advanced technology. Technology is one great facto that makes this mattress stand out among the rest. Sleep Innovations uses the patented SureTemp open cell technology. SureTemp open cell memory foam technology is designed to give the mattress improved airflow which in turns gives you a cooler night. As opposed to traditional mattresses which had holding-heat characteristic, Seep Innovations is perfectly opposite as SureTemp technology is against holding or retaining heat. This next generation technology works by triggering the mattress to lose heat during the warm weather. This plays a big role in maintaining your body temperature. The mattress cover is also technologically advanced. It is soft and plush and is designed to supports air flow.

Other reasons why you should check out this mattress brand include:

Double layer: sleep innovations mattress brand have a 2.5 inch SureTemp memory foam top layer ideal for breathing as well as a 9.5 inch supportive base layer. Neither of the two layer retain heat, thus the best combination.

Proven results: Sleep Innovations mattresses are designed to offer therapeutic comfort and from the numerous reviews on this brand confirm how well effective this brand is.

SureTemp memory foam features: this brand comes with a wide variety of features for all its mattresses such as:

  • The SureTemp layer is adjustable to offer therapeutic support where needed
  • This mattress minimizes turning and tossing
  • This brand reduces pressure points thus very comfortable
  • The brand is allergen and dust mite resistant
  • Offers proper spinal alignment.
  • Can be used either on a foundation, bedframe or on bare floor.
  1. SoundAsleep Mattresses

SoundAsleep Mattresses

Another superbly built mattress brand you should check out is the SoundAsleep mattress brand. This brand is credited with construction of what can be termed as the most advanced air mattress on the planet: SoundAsleep Dream Series Air mattress. SoundAsleep is designed to give you the much needed comfort on an air bed. SoundAsleep mattress inflates within 4 minutes as it uses a powerful primary pump that enables for effortless inflation. This pump is actually a patented technology and unique to SoundAsleep. Its design makes it 20% quieter than other motors during inflation. The advanced technology used in this mattress eliminates the sagging problems as well as air pressure loss problem associated with most air mattresses.

  • ComfortCoil Technology

SoundAsleep mattresses come handy with ComfortCoil technology. This advanced technology entails 40 air coils which are charged with provision of more comfort to both couples and single sleepers. This mattress is puncture resistant and is designed to last long. This makes it an ideal mattress for you.

  • Guarantee

SoundAsleep mattresses always come with customer friendly guarantees. Most mattresses have a 1 year guarantee meaning that the company has great trust in their products. Every time you buy a SoundAsleep mattress, you get a free instruction guide as well as a carry bag.

  • Pros

By getting yourself a SoundAsleep mattress, you are bound to enjoy every second of your sleep. Here are some of the benefits you reap by being a SoundAsleep mattress user:

  • These mattresses come with ComfortCoil technology which make them more comfortable than other air mattresses in the market
  • The patented internal high capacity pump facilitates effortless inflation that takes less than four minutes.
  • The pump is very easy to use, plus the instruction guide guides throughout the entire inflation process
  • 40 top notch coils keep the mattress flat
  • This mattress greatly reduces to air loss and sagging drawback
  • The mattress can auto adjust itself to your desired level of firmness
  1. Tuft & Needle Mattress


If you haven’t been doing a lot of ‘digging’ lately you probably haven’t heard of Tuft & Needle mattresses. T&N, as it is referred to as, is a company that was started in 2013 by two software engineers who felt that buying mattresses from stores was a very tiresome exercise what with all that confusing information concerning mattresses. This led to the two software engineers to develop this company which sells its mattresses online, unless you are in Phoenix where they have a physical showroom.

T&N is among the new breed of companies that are giving the old guys in the industry a headache over their online sales. With T&N you can get your mattress within minutes of logging onto their site. This company has won the hearts of the Americans for their fast and effective customer service.

T&N currently has one type mattress which they have produced different sizes from. You can get this T&N Mattress from the company’s website as well as from Amazon.com. T&N usually offer the 5 inch and 10 inch mattress, though of late only the latter is available on their website.

T&N Mattress has a more straight forward mattress that doesn’t feature the fancy materials like latex or memory foam. It is made of tow-layer polyurethane foam with the top 3 inch layer which is designed to offer comfort and support. The base layer is a 7 inch high density foam which supports your body weight with ease. T&N’s mattress cover is a blend of rayon and polyester.

T&N offers reasonably priced mattress. The lack of those fancy materials in the mattress makes it less expensive. The company also compresses the mattress flat thus saving on the shipping costs. These mattresses have been positively rated by most users therefore, giving an indication that they are worth the money.


Now you know the top 7 brands of mattresses in the market today. These top brands have been arrived at from a wide range of mattresses through their performance as rated by users.Most users of these mattresses have found these mattresses worth their money thus a wise investment to make.

Technology has also been a greater factor to the success of these brands. Most of them have their own patented technology which make their mattresses unique and different from the rest.

These mattresses mostly range in the middle priced category. This makes them affordable by majority of the Americans. Another great factor that has contributed to the success of these mattresses is their availability on online shops. Online shopping has been a big plus for mattress makers. You can get your mattress by the click of the button and have it delivered at your door step. This industry has also seen new entrants focus solely on the internet presence as opposed to physical stores and show rooms. It is therefore advisable for you to make your purchase via any of the online shops closest to you and wait for your new mattress to be delivered and set up for you.

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